Horoscope for good luck: what should be in the house and on the festive table to appease the symbol of the New Year

There are only a few days left until the New Year, with which new goals and dreams will come to us, as well as a unique symbol of the year - the White Metal Rat. The "Mirror" New Year will be a leap year, and to get through all its most difficult moments as smoothly as possible, check with the star more often.

 Our expert, astrologer Inna Lyubimova, tells how to prepare for an important event, what dishes should be on the festive table, and which New Year's treats should be discarded.

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In the year of the White Metal Rat, many will focus their thoughts on making money, preserving and increasing it, and also achieving inner harmony. The mistress of the year will have such an effect. A pleasant way to solve all material issues will help not only the patronage of the Rat but also the strength of its secret friend, that is, a sign that improves the energy of the year.

The Rat is a Bull, and the animal is hardworking, so work in 2020 with full dedication and be sure that your efforts will pay off. Each animal on the eastern calendar has a friend. It is the symbol of this "secret" friend, and not the owner of the year itself, that should be present in your life this year. Rat's secret friend is the Bull. Please find the opportunity to chat with this animal, visit a zoo or a farm, take a photo with a statue of a Bull. Such sculptures can be found near some institutions, restaurants. You can put a figurine of a bull at home on a New Year's table. Exceptionally lucky for those who can take a photo with the Bull on Wall Street.

How to appease the symbol of the coming year?

The Rat is an economic and hospitable animal; it loves beautiful dishes and exquisite serving, so feel free to clean silver tableware if you have one. Polish the instruments to a mirror finish. It is better to choose the dishes in milky white colours, napkins - gently blue. On New Year's Eve, it will be convenient. The house should be filled with comfort and warmth: cushions, tablecloths, bedspreads - everything should be pleasant and comfortable.

To please the Rat and appease her, pay attention to the holiday menu. 

  • The mistress of the year loves cheese, so you can't do without cheese cutting.
  • Cheese fondue, pancakes with cheese, baked potatoes with cheese, various pasta variations, for example, pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella, cheese rolls with bacon, Caprese salad, will be appropriate.
  • In order not to offend the friend of the Rat of the Bull, it is better to refrain from veal and beef at a festive dinner. But you can cook unusual dishes, those that you have wanted to try for a long time - this symbol of the year will also like it very much.

Considering that according to Western astrology, the year New Year will be the year of the Moon, which is responsible for dairy products, it is also worth putting them on the table on New Year's Eve. In addition to cheese, you can serve cottage cheese dishes, cream dessert or, for example, milk-based custard cakes. For children, the most delicious treat will be ice cream and milkshakes.


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