Choosing your hair system bonding method

With hair systems, the method of bonding is down to the individual. Factors ranging from your base material type, hairstyle, lifestyle and period of wear all determine which bonding method is best suited to your needs. But that’s not to say you’ll only stick with one bonding method either.

Recommendations for your bonding experience

Whether you decide between glue or toupee tape, we recommend shaving your scalp for the attachment. Some people like to retain some amount of leftover natural hair, but it’s recommended to shave the entire bonding area fully for the following benefits:

     You get a stronger bond

     Less irritation as your remaining hair follicles naturally regrow

     Easier to install and maintain your hair replacement system

Tape or liquid adhesive?

While clips can be used to attach your hair system, it’s only recommended for people who have a good amount of hair in their bonding area. If your hair in this area is not thick or strong enough, it will not only be insecure, but could also rip your hair out.

That is why most people tend to go for wig glue or tape for a stronger hold and more overall security. But as aforementioned, it’s best to shave your entire bonding area to get the most of your glue or liquid adhesive.

If you are having difficulty deciding whether to use tape or liquid adhesive, we recommend watching the following video so you can learn the advantages and disadvantages of both as well as which one you’d be most suited for.

Difference Between Wig Tape & Glue Adhesives for Hair Systems

What we don’t recommend

Track bonding

One method of bonding includes track bonding. This involves shaving a ring for the bonding area which leaves hair inside the ring. This is not an ideal method for a number of reasons. For one, you need to match the tape with the ring. For the same reason, liquid adhesives can be challenging to apply as well. With hair inside the ring, as it grows further, it can push the base material up with monofilament and poly skin bases in particular. With lace bases, the hair can grow right through it which can expose the lace areas on your scalp and make it much more noticeable that you’re wearing a hair system. Additionally, the growing hair can be very uncomfortable and itchy while the natural oils produced by your scalp can affect the bonding.

Tape tabs

Tape tabs are another bonding method which we don’t recommend. Similar to track bonding, it can be very difficult to attach precisely. The only difference is the bond is even less secure and because the entire perimeter is not bonded, any liquids like sweat or oil can penetrate the tape tabs and destroy the bond gradually.


Whether you’ve decided on glue or tape, it’s always advised to do a skin patch test first. This is so as to avoid any future irritation or rashes as your scalp or skin may be sensitive to certain chemicals in the adhesive. But should there be no problem, enjoy having a strong, secure and comfortable hold with your hair replacement system.