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Who Said That a Vegetable Garden could not be Beautiful?

Transform Edible Plants into Works of Art with Four Design strategies

Somewhere in the history of our gardens, vegetarian gardens have risen to the top. They are called ugly horticultural ducklings, and ornamental plantings are called swans.
Borrowing design policies used in ornamental gardening, these goals are easily achievable. Colorful flowering plants, eye-catching fences, and crisp edges are just a few of the details that can turn an ordinary vegetable garden into a masterpiece.

Plant in Blocks of Color

Instead of beautiful plants in one bed and edible plants in the other, mix them for attractive plantings.
The idea of ​​combining edible and ornamental gardening is certainly not new. One of the most natural methods to dazzle the eye in this setting is to add flowering ornamental plants to the mix and play
with color.

When choosing a mixture of plants, I want options that offer a wide variety of colors and textures. I like to cover the ground with colorful edibles that are also ornamental, such as blue-green cabbage, purple basil, and golden sage. Arranging planting is the most practical way to approach edibles, so I plant these colorful highlights in blocks to create a beautiful patchwork-like tapestry.

Create Decorative Boundaries

When it comes to your garden, a stylish fence is a finishing touch for an intimate setting.

As the color was part of the new gardens, so is the body element. Medieval gardens were often designed with a simple wicker fence to distinguish between the main boundaries of the garden. Simultaneously, the monastery gardens were fenced off to mark a place of beauty, meaning, and meditation. By obtaining this ancient design strategy, you can turn your vegetable garden into an outdoor hideout. The enclosure creates a close scale for the garden, establishing a sense of privacy and respite, setting boundaries, and maintaining a focus within the garden.

The best aviaries work with their environment. A wrought iron fence works well for a backyard garden in an urban environment, and a picket fence will work well with many styles. When building a stone wall, choose local materials - like limestone in the Midwest or granite in the East - for a timeless, permanent vegetable garden.

When it comes to using plants as boundaries, the options are endless. Espalier apples or pears can be trained to grow on a brick wall or wire fence for a sheer effect. Boxwood hedges, a lot of blueberries, and a row of currants are just a few of the other hedge options. I find tall perennials and annuals, like ornamental grasses or space, to be great for creating privacy screens with seasonal interest. Be sure to keep annuals and perennials separately in your garden to make it easier to handle and fix your annual beds.

Primp Bed Edges and Pathways

For gardeners who plant in raised beds, edging or soil-holding materials are needed to hold the soil in place. However, even if you're not planting in raised beds, edging is a great way to add a sophisticated look to your ground-level plantings. It defines where the base begins and ends and gives the scene a crisp, neat look. Edges can be brick, granite cobblestone, wood, or steel. Use your imagination; consider, for example, rustic logs stacked on end for a whimsical effect.

Paved paths are another feature that can give the garden an attractive look. Paving wood chips or rubble paths will refresh the landscape and make visitors feel invited to explore. Not only do granite and brick fit the edges, but they can also brighten your walkways. Make sure your aisles are wide just for a wheelbarrow. Other than that, there is no limit.

Whatever materials you choose for curbs and paths, make sure they complement your home and your entire garden. Stone or cobblestone is an excellent choice for formal architecture, while wood goes well with informal styles and furnishings.

Color also plays an important role. Be sure to select materials that match the color scheme of your home.

Plant Them Close Together

I will be the first to receive that I am an impatient gardener. When I plant my summer containers, I place the plants close together to give me an immediate kick. Planting flower beds in your garden is like large containers, so don't be afraid to plant closer than the seed bags recommend to minimize skips. I plant the plants so that the tips of the leaves almost touch the leaves of the next plant at maturity. This approach uses plants as live mulch to kill weeds. This makes the garden more lush and beautiful because you see more color and less bare soil.

Besides a snug fit, consider changing your planting pattern. Instead of arranging the crops in perfect rows, arrange the seedlings in a triangular pattern to fill the garden with a mass of color. Carrots, beets, lettuce, leeks, onions, and garlic can be planted close to each other. As the plants mature, I thin out all the others to eat at the nascent stage and leave the rest to pass to full size. Inevitably, you will want to eat edible foods in your garden that will leave unsightly holes. To fill in the gaps, plant seeds of fast-growing crops like radishes, lettuce, and basil. The garden will instantly become full and lush.

How to decorate a tiny terrace: 6 beautiful ideas

We select options for a stylish and cozy decoration of a small garden, which will not require much effort and cost.

1) Use textiles

The most affordable and budgetary way to decorate a small terrace is to add textiles. Translucent light curtains will look good between wooden beams and protect in the heat from the burning sun's rays, and in the evening - from drafts and mosquitoes. Also, they will immediately give the space a habitable and cozy look. You can't just take cotton or silk curtains from home and hang them outside. The best options are acrylic and other artificial fabrics - they are not subject to fading in the sun, durable, and suitable for frequent washing in the washing machine.

Also, don't forget garden upholstery, pillow covers, tablecloths, and throws. Together, these elements make the terrace a pleasant place to relax. It is advisable to select them, combining them in color, texture, and pattern, so that you get a deep and stylish space in the end.

2) Arrange plants

Even on the narrowest site, there is room for several flower pots. Consider landscaping carefully: a canopy or roof canopy casts shade on the terrace throughout the day, which means that shade-loving plants and flowers will be appropriate—suitable fern, dwarf shrub roses, arborvitae, cactus, sage, lavender. You can place a pot of ivy at the foot of the house wall, and it will curl, clinging to the wall, creating beautiful vertical gardening. If space isn't enough and you don't feel like tripping over the pots when getting close to garden furniture, try placing plants on the steps or to the door's sides.

The terrace also a great place to try your hand at gardening and create a mini-vegetable garden. Try growing mint, basil, dill, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, and even tomatoes.

When choosing plants, you need to consider: an open terrace or a closed one. On a closed one, some plants will even be able to winter with a little additional insulation, and if they are open, they will have to be taken into the house.

3)Use backlight

The easiest ways to add coziness to the interior by hanging a garland is also suitable for an outdoor terrace. Just do not make a New Year's crown for these purposes, intended for indoor use. It would help if you had an outdoor model with additional protection against moisture and mechanical damage, which will ensure your safety.

When decorating the terrace, keep in mind that it will have to be illuminated more thoroughly in the evening time you can spend time with guests there.

Which lighting method to choose

Arrange the candles. This is when large, heavy candles in candlesticks or a glass stand will come in handy.

Install the lamps on the wall. It is unnecessary to bring electricity under them, and you can find an option that is mounted on the wall and runs on batteries.

Hang lamps under a canopy—the most technically difficult, but very effective way. You need to lead out several wires for the lights and hang them in different terrace parts so that they hang 20-30 cm.

4) Create a beautiful composition of garden furniture

For a small terrace, you will have to select elegant and compact furniture that will leave free space for comfortable movement and will not visually overload the area.

A small metal table with a pair of chairs, reminiscent of the furniture in European street cafes, works well. Or you can try to make a sofa out of pallets so you will choose the size, height, and shape yourself and save a lot on creating a sofa to order individually for your terrace. You can also place a pair of armchairs against the wall and place a small piece of a sawn tree trunk between them - instead of a vase stand or coffee table.

5) Tile the floor

A slightly more labor-intensive decorating solution is tiling the floor. Even beginners can do this technique since you only need to clean the surface, apply a cement screed and, when it dries, put the tiles on the adhesive composition. Please pick up a rough and frost-resistant finishing material so that it does not slip in rainy weather and does not crack in frosty weather.

In addition to the decorative advantage over the usual wooden floor, the tile has an important feature - it is enjoyable to walk on it barefoot in the heat.

6) Make decor from unnecessary things

Lovely d├ęcor doesn't have to be bought in the store. Often it can be made from scrap materials that are already in your country house and even look like garbage. The photo is an example of how even a rusty rain barrel can be inscribed to look like a stylish design item. Frames on the wall will turn out from old boxes, from massive and rough beams - a unique sofa.

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An external staircase in a wooden house serves as a functional part of the entrance space scheme. It is an indispensable element in the event of a height difference in the territory. An external staircase can connect different levels of floors, and also be an important part of the house porch.

External stairs are very similar in proportion to internal stairs. The same building codes apply in the design process

The main difference between outdoor staircases is that it is constantly exposed to precipitation, temperature extremes, solar radiation, and seasonal mechanical fluctuations in the soil. These influences can cause the deformation of the staircase. Therefore, the structure is erected as an independent element, and it is not associated with the frame.


Experts recommend building an outdoor staircase under a canopy to protect the structure from external factors.

For the manufacture of a reliable, comfortable, durable wooden staircase, it is necessary to use a moisture-resistant antiseptic material. The service life of the structure depends on its quality and the reliability of the installation.
A lightweight outdoor wooden staircase is installed on a columnar foundation. This type of foundation is shallow; its cost is lower than the price of a deep foundation. Such a foundation is being built from monolithic concrete outdoor staircase

An important point!

In winter, a ladder installed on a shallow foundation can be climbed. To prevent the staircase from blocking the entrance, a threshold must be made in front of the door.
Be that as it may, the staircase installed on a columnar foundation will be skewed every season. In regions with heaving soils, a flight of stairs is installed at the bottom on a columnar foundation, and the upper platform is built on cantilever beams. In this case, the poles should protrude from the wall.

The March node, which is adjacent to the site, is attached like a hinge. In the upper part of the foundation, embedded elements are installed, thanks to which the lower part of the staircase is fastened more firmly. This solution provides for a fixed location of the landing.

In most cases, an external staircase is erected after the construction of a log house. Therefore, the columnar foundation must be installed after the soil in the sinuses of the structure's foundation completely sits down.

There is another way to equip a columnar foundation for an outdoor staircase. The base for the ladder structure is installed in the soil to the depth of freezing. The foundation, which is located below the freezing level of the earth, must be made of massive steel, cast iron, or asbestos-cement pipes. The pipes are immersed in pre-prepared wells.

An important point!

To avoid squeezing out the base during the frosty heaving of the soil, the sinuses between the walls of the well and the pipes must be filled with sand (medium or coarse-grained). The tubes can be additionally wrapped with a film, and their lower part can be fixed in concrete, which is pre-poured below the depth of freezing soil .installation of an outdoor staircase.

The simplest is a ladder on bowstrings with 4-5 steps. This structure is usually installed for temporary use. Risers, in this case, are not made. For the manufacture of a simple structure, two longboards and several short ones are used.

Longboards serve as bowstrings, and short boards are used for treads. To connect the footsteps with the bowstrings, wooden bars are fixed on the inside of the bowstring. Additionally, you can install stringers - they will increase the strength, reliability of the staircase.

The wooden elements of the stairs must be insulated from the concrete base with a layer of waterproofing material. The wooden structure's surface is covered with layers of waterproof paint to protect the wood from rotting and fungal diseases. It is also necessary to consider the fire hazard of a wooden staircase.


In the process of arranging an outdoor staircase, do not forget about the drainage of water from the steps. If the stair is not large, it is installed at a slight slope from the house.
Also, special trays are used to drain water. They are arranged near the side fences and along the junction of the risers to the tread. For water from entering the trays, the steps are built with an appropriate slope.

Formwork boards should not have holes or defects. They must withstand the pressure from the concrete that is poured into the formwork.

It would be best if you also remembered that frost-resistant materials must be used for facing the stairs. Their surface must be rough, grooved to avoid slipping.

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How to improve your home with decoration

Gathered in one post tips on organizing an art gallery at home, placing a carpet in the interior, choosing stylish curtains for the kitchen. Bonus - serving schemes that are useful to you

The main repair is completed: it's time to start the most interesting part - decoration. Not sure if you can handle hanging pictures or choosing curtains yourself? In our cheat sheet, you will find many inspiring examples and useful tips for decorating your interior.

1. How to hang pictures beautifully

Still do not know how to hang pictures and combine them with decor items—and limited to one single frame? Experiment: place the designer mirror in the center of the wall and cool posters around. Sorry for the wall - narrow shelves will do. Arrange an exhibition of paintings or photographs on them - simple and understandable schemes to help you.

2. How to choose curtains for the kitchen

Want to refresh your kitchen interior? Change the textile design of the window - the decor will sparkle with new colors. Keep in mind that kitchen curtains should be beautiful and correspond to the interior style and not to hide the space, easy to remove, and not interfere with cleaning. It is not necessary to turn to professionals, you can decide on the design yourself.

3. Determine the size and location of the carpet in the room

Many people consider carpets a relic of the past and ironically recall Soviet times. It's time to look at this type of flooring from a new angle. A large carpet will look great in the living room, but in the bedroom, you can throw two doormats on the bed's sides.

4. We make a bed, as in a good hotel

A beautifully made bed is an absolute must-have of any bedroom. It will transform the atmosphere and become a feature of the interior. We are sure that you like elegant bedspreads, stylish pillow compositions that welcome residents of good hotels.

5. How to beautifully table

Scientists have proven that a beautifully laid the table and a warm company increase the appetite and pleasure of eating. To turn an ordinary breakfast, lunch, or dinner into a small celebration, excellent service, and the correct location of the serving items are enough. If you want to simplify the preparation process - use our schemes.

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Horoscope for good luck: what should be in the house and on the festive table to appease the symbol of the New Year

There are only a few days left until the New Year, with which new goals and dreams will come to us, as well as a unique symbol of the year - the White Metal Rat. The "Mirror" New Year will be a leap year, and to get through all its most difficult moments as smoothly as possible, check with the star more often.

 Our expert, astrologer Inna Lyubimova, tells how to prepare for an important event, what dishes should be on the festive table, and which New Year's treats should be discarded.

On this topic:

Salad with sockeye salmon, Pavlova dessert and 12 more original dishes that will decorate your New Year's table

In the year of the White Metal Rat, many will focus their thoughts on making money, preserving and increasing it, and also achieving inner harmony. The mistress of the year will have such an effect. A pleasant way to solve all material issues will help not only the patronage of the Rat but also the strength of its secret friend, that is, a sign that improves the energy of the year.

The Rat is a Bull, and the animal is hardworking, so work in 2020 with full dedication and be sure that your efforts will pay off. Each animal on the eastern calendar has a friend. It is the symbol of this "secret" friend, and not the owner of the year itself, that should be present in your life this year. Rat's secret friend is the Bull. Please find the opportunity to chat with this animal, visit a zoo or a farm, take a photo with a statue of a Bull. Such sculptures can be found near some institutions, restaurants. You can put a figurine of a bull at home on a New Year's table. Exceptionally lucky for those who can take a photo with the Bull on Wall Street.

How to appease the symbol of the coming year?

The Rat is an economic and hospitable animal; it loves beautiful dishes and exquisite serving, so feel free to clean silver tableware if you have one. Polish the instruments to a mirror finish. It is better to choose the dishes in milky white colours, napkins - gently blue. On New Year's Eve, it will be convenient. The house should be filled with comfort and warmth: cushions, tablecloths, bedspreads - everything should be pleasant and comfortable.

To please the Rat and appease her, pay attention to the holiday menu. 

  • The mistress of the year loves cheese, so you can't do without cheese cutting.
  • Cheese fondue, pancakes with cheese, baked potatoes with cheese, various pasta variations, for example, pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella, cheese rolls with bacon, Caprese salad, will be appropriate.
  • In order not to offend the friend of the Rat of the Bull, it is better to refrain from veal and beef at a festive dinner. But you can cook unusual dishes, those that you have wanted to try for a long time - this symbol of the year will also like it very much.

Considering that according to Western astrology, the year New Year will be the year of the Moon, which is responsible for dairy products, it is also worth putting them on the table on New Year's Eve. In addition to cheese, you can serve cottage cheese dishes, cream dessert or, for example, milk-based custard cakes. For children, the most delicious treat will be ice cream and milkshakes.

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Little Tricks To Note: How To Make An Apartment Cozy

Tips from experts on how to make an apartment cozy. A selection of furniture, lighting, decor, and accessories.

Is your home lacking in comfort? So, there are nuances that you completely forgot about. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people do not even notice that it has ceased to blow warmth from home, and after all, a family nest is a place where every member of the family can relax from all problems. Therefore, you need to take care to make the apartment cozy.

Creating a comfortable environment for all family members is a task that needs to be approached creatively. But it would help if you tried because the atmosphere of the hearth affects family well-being. Simple tips will help you quickly create the right atmosphere in each room of the apartment.

We Start With the Most Important.

Very often, the hostess asks how to make the house cozy, and at the same time, forgets that the comfortable atmosphere in the apartment depends on the order in the first place. Therefore, you should pay attention to cleanliness in the house. Is there enough time to put in order in each room, how often do family members do a joint spring cleaning?

If the apartment is always cleaned, but there is no feeling that the rooms are clean, then it's time to make repairs.

See how a cozy photo apartment can be found on thematic portals. It looks in reality for you. Any similarities? If not, construction and repair work will rectify the situation. What design style to choose? Of course, you can consult a specialist who will probably advise the best option, taking into account the budget.

However, it would help if you listened to your individual preferences. It is often the owners of apartments with a small area who do not know how to place all things in the room harmoniously, and in this case, for example, functional corner furniture comes to the rescue. Mirrors also visually expand the space, and designers very often use them for home improvement. For wall decoration, it is better to choose light colors, and bright colors can reduce space.

Owners of apartments where the rooms are large also do not know how to create coziness. Experts advise using partitions. Visually, the screens divide the room into several zones, which, by the way, may differ from each other.

It should be noted that comfort depends not only on the chosen style of interior design. Often, only female tricks for comfort in an apartment can dramatically affect the situation.

The Palette of "COZY" Colors for Wall Decoration

In order not to ask a question after construction and repair work, how to make an apartment cozy is worth thinking through all the details in the beginning. The color of the walls can affect the apartment's comfort, so you need to choose the most optimal shades.

White color is a desirable and accessible solution. And there are a lot of benefits that you should be aware of:

  1. Bright interior items perfectly combine with white.
  2. You can experiment, decorating the interior depending on the mood; a white background is an option that will allow you to give free rein to the imagination.
  3. White color visually expands the space.

White has a ton of advantages. If you choose dark shades to decorate the walls, then experimenting will not work out for sure.


Home comfort depends not only on the interior but also on the functional items in the room. Therefore, buying furniture should take into account not only fashion trends and design decisions but also the style of designs. Incidentally, it must comply with the interior design. The color of the furniture is even selected, taking into account the decoration of the walls, if light colors were preferred, you could buy furniture in dark colors.

To create comfort in the apartment, you need to consider interior items' design, but do not forget about the quality of structures. It is better to use natural materials: wood and glass. Plastic products look cheap and do not give the room the desired atmosphere.


Imagine that in the room with the windows, there are no curtains quite problematic. Today, these accessories in the interior perform not only a practical function. Curtains are a real highlight of the entire interior.

The range of fantastic textile products is gorgeous. Not only can curtains decorate a room stylishly. For example, bedspreads on sofas and armchairs also look elegant if the color scheme is chosen correctly. All textiles in the room should correspond to the selected single style.


Many hostesses are cold about a variety of souvenirs designed to give the interior and individuality. But at the same time, making an apartment cozy and beautiful without unusual decorative elements that look excellent is quite tricky.

Of course, cleaning will be more difficult, because dust accumulates on accessories, but the minutes spent will justify the effect that souvenirs will create.

Modern Decor Elements:

  • knitwear;
  • wicker baskets;
  • caskets;
  • animal figures.

Souvenirs give the room a unique zest. Is it worth refusing such decor because of the unwillingness to brush off the dust from the accessories?

Green Friends In The House

The interior in any room will change if you place potted flowers in the room. You can set "green friends" on the windowsill and the coffee table. You can buy a beautiful shelf for flowers. Indoor plants will create a unique atmosphere in the house.


Light rooms look more, so it is very important to choose a lighting fixture successfully. By the way, table lamps and floor lamps are not only additional light sources in the rooms but also stylish interior elements.

Little Tricks To Note

1. Photos are an excellent element of decor, and most importantly, I will always delight you with pictures of bright moments.
2. In the kitchen, jars of jam are not only tasty stocks for the winter but also beautiful decorative elements. Jars can be decorated with ribbons, beautifully signed, and so on.
3. Needleworkers can decorate the house with their work. Do-it-yourself things are in fashion now.

Simple tips will help to create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment. You can make your home beautiful without significant financial investments.

9 Easy Ways To Make An Apartment Beautiful And Comfortable Without Repair

Emily Henderson, an interior designer and author of The Style, reveals the tricks that transform an apartment without spending a lot of effort and money.

 Method 1. Tell us about yourself

An essential thing in the interior is your personality. But how can she be seen? An armchair or a kitchen set will not say that you like to travel, swim in the sea and participate in marathons. But a well-thought-out corner with vacation photos or cups reminiscent of significant sports achievements will immediately attract guests' attention. When you collect objects for decoration, remember: your favorite things are always combined, and if you select them by color, you will enhance their mutual harmony.

Method 2. Create comfort at the entrance to the house

The house should welcome you with open arms: a bench, soft carpet, pleasant lighting will help you quickly forget about the worries of the outside world. Find a place to store the most necessary things. Arrange for them boxes on a tray where you can put keys, a trifle, mail, and a wallet. It looks beautiful and organized.

Method 3. Play with contrasts

One of the simple and effective techniques is a combination of different elements. You can play with the contrast of styles, shapes, colors, ornaments, sizes, and textures. It is essential to consider that the amount of such opposites depends on how much energy a room will be filled with. Sharp contrasts give the impression of activity, and low variations give peace. Prefer something in between to make the place enjoyable, but not crazy.

Method 4. Use color dosed

If you like color, do not use it on the walls. Sounds contradictory, right? Usually, what you want in one season is annoying in the next. But after making the inner space calm, you can add colors and details to the decor. When your eyes get tired of green pillows or blue photo frames, they will be easy to replace.

If you prefer muted tones, choose a wall that will become an accent in the room, and paint it in a bright color. Or lay a colored carpet on the floor. Such advice is related to the fact that you tend to be cautious: place objects and accessories of "safe" colors in the room. Even with the most modest color preferences, no one wants to live in a dim room. And so it will charge you with force.

Method 5. Keep a Balance

Maintain a visual balance between objects and furniture in the room. This is the key to creating a peaceful atmosphere. If you put a large floor lamp on one side of the sofa, put a focus of the same size on the other so that there is no visual skew. Only in no case is the same floor lamp.

Method 6. Add a painting

For centuries, the traditional wall gallery consisted of originals of paintings of the portrait genre. They add personality to the wall, if only because faces instantly provoke a response from you. Look for paintings in flea markets. True, consider an important rule: pictures are accessories in the room. And they, as in clothes, should be much more expensive than furniture. If you inherited any canvases, give the frames a second life - paint them. If you do not have funds for these canvases, do not hang reproductions. It is better to arrange family photos beautifully.

Method 7. Find a place for souvenirs

Also, do not overdo it with details and do not "clog" the interior with souvenirs, vases, figurines (usually a heap of small things is appropriate only in antique houses). If you have a penchant for collecting, keep your trinkets in one place. You can place them on bookshelves. If you manage to adhere to one color scheme, you are closer to a successful stylistic decision.

Method 8. Place a coffee table

It will help to balance the space. Also, it is convenient to use it as a museum stand: not only the things that you regularly use but also souvenirs will lie on it or stand on it. For example, a snag or a shell can be used as a paperweight for paper.

Method 9. Enter bohemian chic

If you have put up with your eccentricities and eccentricity, make them part of your interior. For example, a hammock instead of a side chair is an excellent improvisation of a seat! And let instead of a chandelier on the ceiling a huge branch, wrapped in light bulbs, flaunt - an appropriate choice to cause admiration.

10 ways to transform a rented apartment fast and reasonably

Do you have a small budget? Want for a little money to stylishly equip a rented apartment? We offer you 10 efficient ways to help do this.

How to make a cozy rental apartment? How to turn someone else’s home into a comfortable room without extra costs, which you will be pleased to return to? If you make a little effort, it’s easy to transform the atmosphere and bring it closer to home with the help of decoration.

1. Always bring your textiles with you.

The easiest and most proven way to change the situation is textiles. Such an undertaking is unlikely to be expensive. But it’s easier to create an individual modern style in the room using curtains, bedspreads, rugs, rugs, chair covers. Moreover, they are easy to transport in case of an apartment change.

Our opinion:
“Possibly you should not keep on good bedding.” Most often, there is no time to fill a bed with a bedspread. A beautiful bedding set is an excellent alternative to a bedspread: it will always look gorgeous even when it is not removed.

2. Light will make the room more familiar

As a rule, a room always has one central chandelier. An excellent way to transform your surroundings is to add additional light sources. The lamps and floor lamps should be on the clamps. So with their help, it is more comfortable to design mood and lighting solutions. If you hang your unique light, the room will become closer and dearer to you.

3. When one apartment for three

Now it’s fashionable to rent an apartment for two or three people. It is both more economical and more fun. The collective arrangement is more rational: someone will bring curtains, someone will have a rug, iron, and other necessary trifles.

To solve the organization of personal items, use metal, or any other basket. If desired, mark each - where is whose.

4. Pillows and poufs

Decorative pillows are a real find. With their help, it is easy to create uniform compositions on chairs and sofas for a competent style complement to the interior.

Here you can use different colours and shapes. On chairs and seats, they are utilized to soften. And in case of friends come, there is always a place on the floor where you can sit on pillows.

Poufs are also unusual additional sources of comfort. They are easy to move and create such a cozy atmosphere.

5. Glass jars

Do not throw away glass jars. They are easy to adapt as suitable vessels for storing food. Functional and beautiful, even if there is no kitchen set. An open shelf from a full board is quite ideal for these purposes.

Glass containers are useful if there are no unique flower vases. This is the fastest and most inexpensive way to decorate a room. In winter, instead of flower, use dry twigs as a decoration.

6. Photos, paintings, posters

An old proven way to quickly give room comfort and design it home - photos, paintings, and posters. It is specially essential to use them when the wall is dry or has a not very beautiful appearance.

A large sheet or picture will also save the condition. They will bring actual energy into the room. The room will gain a fashionable look.

Mubeen Arshad, interior designer:

- Usually, the walls in a rented house leave much to be wanted - declined and not interesting. You can repaint them to your desire if the landlord permits. Or hang in a prominent place a large poster with your favorite plot. Use stickers that can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

To match the colors of the plot on the poster (no more than 2-3 colors), choose bright pillowcases on pillows, you can even sew them yourself. Lay them out on a sofa or bed, add a blanket, rug. All this will add warmth! You can also displace the master decorations with those that match the color of the new decor elements.

7. Favorable living environment - flowers

Greenery always creates a favorable atmosphere of comfort in the house. Given that students still do not have enough time, it is not worthwhile to plant flowers that need complex care. The simple focus is quite enough. In a minimalistic version, a cactus is suitable.

Grains of cereals can create the effect of a fresh green islet. If they are laid in a shallow container and lightly sprinkled with earth, they sprout very quickly.

Mubeen Arshad, interior designer:

- Living indoor flowers add homeliness - sprouts can be asked from acquaintances amateur gardeners and plant them yourself. Use anything as flower pots, for example, old teacups, cans with paper or string wrapped around them - a stylized handmade planter. Your imagination may suggest an exciting option.

8. Convenient element of decor - slate board

A slate is a beautiful item for decorating a rented apartment. You can adapt it anywhere: on the wall, refrigerator, on the table. Even an old, unattractive interior door is easy to revive with a slate.

Also, it is convenient to leave a watch list and messages to each other if you live together or three.

9. A screen for all seasons

How to determine the problem with personal space for two or three students in the same apartment? Specially when there are no inner doors in the room. A mobile and low-cost zoning solution will be the dividing screen.

It is more convenient to use the accordion version. They are simple to transfer, fold, and store. Behind the partition, it’s easier to hide the bed and create a small sitting area. Also, the screen is useful when there is no closet. Behind it is easier to protect things and make a mini-dressing room.

10. Simple furniture

When a rented residence is unfurnished, it becomes a problem. After all, you never know how much you will live in it. And transporting heavy furniture from place to place is not very fun and useful.

In this case, it is more immeasurable to use multifunctional modular furniture. It is simple to move, found the desired composition.

Our opinion:
- Everything that can b e transferred or moved is called movable property. In the future, at the next move, you can easily take all this with you. Choose rugs, vases, lamps, removable covers for sofas, armchairs, chairs, and other items. So you quickly and budget equip any rented apartment in a cozy home.

If you have to purchase a bed, let it be with extra lockers for things. Many students use inflatable sofas or mattresses.

By the way, cardboard furniture is rapidly becoming fashionable. It is durable and lightweight. Not only bookshelves or accommodation boxes are made from cardboard, but also made of chairs, tables, and even beds.

In severe cases, you can always get old chairs, stools, suitcases. Paint them and create a vintage look.

Mubeen Arshad, interior designer:
- Furniture, as a rule, is not enough. As cabinets and shelves for books, you can use ordinary boxes by placing them or hanging them on the wall. Color them or leave them as they are; this will correspond to the now fashionable eco team.

You can also ask your friends some things from the cottage, for example, a table and unnecessary old chairs, and repaint them yourself in bright colors. Thus, an item can be transformed beyond recognition.


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