How to improve your home with decoration

Gathered in one post tips on organizing an art gallery at home, placing a Whole House Carpet in the interior, choosing stylish curtains for the kitchen. Bonus - serving schemes that are useful to you

The main repair is completed: it's time to start the most interesting part - decoration. Not sure if you can handle hanging pictures or choosing curtains yourself? In our cheat sheet, you will find many inspiring examples and useful tips for decorating your interior.

1. How to hang pictures beautifully

Still do not know how to hang pictures and combine them with decor items—and limited to one single frame? Experiment: place the designer mirror in the center of the wall and cool posters around. Sorry for the wall - narrow shelves will do. Arrange an exhibition of paintings or photographs on them - simple and understandable schemes to help you.

2. How to choose curtains for the kitchen

Want to refresh your kitchen interior? Change the textile design of the window - the decor will sparkle with new colors. Keep in mind that kitchen curtains should be beautiful and correspond to the interior style and not to hide the space, easy to remove, and not interfere with cleaning. It is not necessary to turn to professionals, you can decide on the design yourself.

3. Determine the size and location of the carpet in the room

Many people consider carpets a relic of the past and ironically recall Soviet times. It's time to look at this type of flooring from a new angle. A large carpet will look great in the living room, but in the bedroom, you can throw two doormats on the bed's sides.

4. We make a bed, as in a good hotel

A beautifully made bed is an absolute must-have of any bedroom. It will transform the atmosphere and become a feature of the interior. We are sure that you like elegant bedspreads, stylish pillow compositions that welcome residents of good hotels.

5. How to beautifully table

Scientists have proven that a beautifully laid the table and a warm company increase the appetite and pleasure of eating. To turn an ordinary breakfast, lunch, or dinner into a small celebration, excellent service, and the correct location of the serving items are enough. If you want to simplify the preparation process - use our schemes.