Innovating Together, Connecting a Smarter Future China Unicom Successfully Hosts Global Partners Meeting

On June 26, during the MWC Shanghai 2024, China Unicom successfully held the Global Partners Meeting themed "Innovating Together, Connecting a Smarter Future" in Shanghai. The conference was attended by Chen Zhongyue, Chairman of China Unicom, and John Hoffman, CEO at Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), who both delivered speeches, as well as Jian Qin, General Manager, and Tang Yongbo, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom.

Chen Zhongyue stated that China Unicom is continually enhancing its international digital infrastructure, actively engaging in global digital governance. The company will share its digital service experiences with global partners, continuously deepening cooperation. Looking ahead, Chen proposed three initiatives. First, to build the global “Infrastructure Connection”, accelerating “hard connectivity” of global infrastructure. This involves advancing the construction of intelligent computing networks and data networks and exploring satellite networks and low-altitude networks to connect land to air and sea to sky, reaching every corner of the world. Second, to promote intelligent applications and advance the “Service Connection”. This includes promoting deep integration of the global industrial chain upstream and downstream and launching more pilot applications to boost the development of the global digital economy. Third, to develop intelligent services and accelerate the “heart-to-heart connection” of people from different countries. Together with all parties in the industrial chain, we seek to create a collaborative ecosystem where customers and resources are shared, along with joint development of products and platforms. By focusing on key application scenarios, we facilitate integration and innovation across all scenarios, processes, and services, to provide more intelligent, convenient, and user-friendly ICT services to people worldwide.

John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, noted that in the intelligent era, connectivity is crucial for everyone, and only through cooperation can we secure the future. He emphasized the importance of focusing on areas such as 5G and 5G-A, artificial intelligence, and the Open Gateway initiative, exploring new models of collaboration to achieve breakthroughs.

Over 400 industry chain partners from more than 80 countries and regions attended the conference. During the event, China Unicom launched the upgraded version of its Union For Partners eco-partner platform, aiming to expand its network of partners, unite the strengths of the members from the global union, and promote technological integration, innovation, and sustainable development.

During the conference, China Unicom experts delivered keynote speeches, showcasing the company's global resources and practical cases in areas such as cloud-network convergence, international roaming, IoT, and 5G+ industrial internet. A roundtable forum was also held, focusing on the integration of AI with industries and the development of a technological innovation ecosystem.

At the conference, the Best Innovative Solutions Partner Award and Best Network and Resource Partner Award were presented. Looking ahead, China Unicom will join hands with global partners to embrace and create the intelligent era, working together to push forward global connectivity, digital transformation, and global prosperity, and achieve mutual success in this new era.