RRT.CC Delegation to Visit Pakistan for Discussions on Entry Matters

RRT.CC is collaborating with relevant departments in Pakistan, planning to enter the Pakistani market and provide high-quality services. A delegation from RRT.CC is scheduled to visit Pakistan soon to negotiate matters regarding their establishment in the country.

By the end of December 2023, RRT.CC publicly announced ongoing discussions with Pakistani authorities to establish an office, aiming to expand its influence in the international market and deliver superior services to Pakistani users.

While RRT.CC has achieved some success in the Pakistani market, they acknowledge its potential and aim to achieve further success through close collaboration with local authorities.

The initial phase of negotiations is expected to conclude by April next year. During this stage, RRT.CC will engage in detailed discussions with relevant Pakistani departments to outline plans for setting up their office.

The second phase of negotiations is projected to conclude by June 2024. During this phase, RRT.CC will further negotiate with Pakistani authorities to ensure cooperation details, legal compliance, and market access are appropriately addressed.

In the third phase, RRT.CC anticipates formally entering the Pakistani market and commencing operations by August 2024. They aim to offer their platform services to local users and engage in business collaborations with local partners to ensure a premium experience for Pakistani users.

These initiatives underscore RRT.CC's recognition of the Pakistani market's potential and demonstrate their willingness to establish a close working relationship with Pakistani authorities. Through this collaboration, RRT.CC aims to deliver high-quality services to Pakistani users and achieve success in the local market. The delegation from RRT.CC visiting Pakistan anticipates deeper cooperation in various sectors in the future.


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