PECO New Digital Finance Ecosystem, CRC Sets an Example of “Equal Shares with Equal Rights”?

On March 16, 2023, the successive collapses of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in just a few days shocked the entire financial world. On March 19, the Swiss federal government announced that Credit Suisse would be acquired by UBS Group for a total consideration of CHF 3 billion (approximately USD 3.2 billion), which is equivalent to 40% of its market value at the close of trading on March 17. 

The 167-year-old Credit Suisse, which was sold at a discount, is similar to Lehman Brothers, which was 158 years old when it collapsed. In contrast, the recently collapsed Silicon Valley Bank was not even 40 years old. Traditional banks and financial institutions have opened the prelude to a global financial crisis in the post-pandemic era. How to break through the dilemma of traditional financial institutions and traditional assets has become a hotly debated topic of the year.

It is reported that overseas China ResourcesCRChas established the Peak Digital Finance Group PECOin London, UK, to lead the way in digitizing traditional finance and traditional assets, digitizing asset securitization, and empowering the value of the global industry chain and the equity of securities, thus curing the current ills of traditional finance.

PECO relies on the glorious history of overseas China ResourcesCRCfor decades or even hundreds of years. Through more than 5 years of blockchain technology research and development and practice, PECO continuously integrates traditional finance and blockchain technology, launches the world's first digital financial aggregation new ecosystem, and provides a strong blockchain infrastructure ecological guarantee. PECO's new digital finance ecosystem includes nine major categories: Peak Digital Bank, Peak Digital Forex, Peak Digital Token, Peak Digital Securities, Peak Digital Insurance, Peak Digital Fund, Peak Digital Trust, Peak Digital Options, and Digital Quantification. Relying on the nine major investment and mergers and acquisitions regional centers of overseas China Resources CRC around the world, PECO realizes the globalization, digitization, securitization, capitalization, and value of the Peak Digital Finance system through global asset mergers and acquisitions, industry integration, and capital listing, thus creating Peak Wealth.

At the same time, authoritative sources revealed that overseas China Resources CRC has partnered with 21 top-tier financial institutions in Europe and the United States, including Barclays Bank, Bank of the West, Deutsche Merrill Lynch, Amex, JP Morgan, AXA, BlackRock, CMC UK, City Index, National Westminster Group, Starling Bank, Brewin Dolphin, and Lloyds, which have long been deeply cooperating, to change traditional finance and assets through blockchain technology, realize asset digitization and digital asset securitization, i.e. equity of securities, cast a leading global digital industry cluster ecology, create multiple waves of wealth in PECO's global capital market, and build a global partner community, career community, and destiny community for PECO through "one certificate, multiple applications", "one certificate, multiple equities", and "one certificate, multiple strategies".

Whether PECO can empower traditional finance and assets digitization with innovative practices, whether it can achieve a global digital financial new ecosystem through "one certificate, multiple applications", "one certificate, multiple equities", "one certificate, multiple strategies", whether it can become a panacea for the current global financial crisis, remains to be seen.