How To Make A Network Diagram In 5 Simple Steps?


Are you confused about the steps of creating a network diagram software? Worry no more! Here, you’ll get a complete series of steps to create a perfect network diagram in minutes.

Furthermore, you will be getting free access roadmap to the best chart maker in the market—EdrawMax. But what makes it ideal for network diagrams? That and your every other query will meet their answers by the end of this article.

Why EdrawMax Is Perfect For Network Diagrams:

EdrawMax is an online diagramming tool perfect for creating network diagrams. The reason is its template community, file safety techniques, and symbol library. These were just a few features off the list. There are plenty more that tempt experts to choose it over others.

Here in this article, you'll get a summary of them all.

Infinite Canvas

Network diagram size keeps varying, but most of the time, it is massive. So, a huge number of these charts need a bigger drawing canvas. But that isn't a problem for EdrawMax. You can extend your working space, and the cloud will have no problem storing it.

Professional And Beginner Approach—All In One Place

By the term professional software, it means the chart should have every tool availaible that an expert designer requires. EdrawMax provides all professional tools and makes it beginner-friendly by simplifying the process and interface simultaneously. Therefore, it is a program suited for every individual.

Quick Start Templates:

The software has ready-made templates that can jumpstart your design process. All templates are editable and free. As a result, making your chart creation process easier.

What Are The Steps To Create A Network Diagram In EdrawMax?

It isn't easy to create a network diagram. Its complex structure troubles the designer a lot. However, all those problems vanish away once EdrawMax jumps in. This program makes the process faster and easier using premium tools. The best part is that inexperienced people can use it without getting confused. Here's a list of steps to create your network diagram in EdrawMax.

Selecting The Topology

Start by downloading the program and creating an account on it. Before starting with the production procedure, it is better to judge which type of topology you want to create. It means your organization's network topology must be the same as in the diagram. After that, open the software and click the New button.

A detailing menu will appear where you’ll have to click Network>Network. Now you'll have a series of topological diagram layouts in front of you, such as cisco network topology and detailed network diagram. Select one that you like. However, if you have no idea about any of that, go for the basic network diagram and create connections according to your administrative instructions.

Inserting Devices And Making Connections:

Once on the edit screen, you’ll see three separate tables, two on the lateral sides and one in the upper portion. To add symbols, including devices and connection arrows, explore the left one and find the ones related to your chart. Adding them is pretty simple. You just have to drag and drop the symbol on the desired places.

To connect these devices, find a suitable connection shape from the same table menu and connect its linking lines with the devices. It will generate a common connection that equally targets every single device.

Positioning The Devices

After adding the connection shape, you may have to organize the devices in their correct chronological order. To do so, hold it down with the cursor and drop it where you want it moved.

Customize The Appearance

EdrawMax gives you a complete range of icons, symbols, clipart, and emojis to customize and add some kick to the boring diagram. Moreover, you can change the color scheme, shapes, connection lines, text font, and chart group size.

Sharing And Getting Second Opinions

Being the sole creator, you may consider your chart immaculate. However, being in a network, it is good to get second opinions. Besides, approving the design from superiors would be a much better decision. To share it, you can ask others to use the web version of EdrawMax. Due to its multi-device login support, they can not only inspect but also edit its content.

Export The Chart:

Before exporting the chart, take a brief look to recheck every step. Ensure everything is in place. After that, click File>Save As to export it inside your external storage.

What Are The Extra Features Available In EdrawMax

Besides the features specific to network diagrams, there are tons of tools and functions ideal for general chart production. Some of these target specific chat types, while some are for general public usage. However, every single one of them is equally befitting for every user. Here are some prime features you may find surprising:

Template Community:

EdrawMax has a whole collection of editable templates for network diagrams and multiple other chart types. As for the network diagram alone, you can find 300+ templates, each with a different network topology. Besides, this social network packs charts for flow diagrams, UML diagrams, project management charts, and many more.

Chart Import:

Unlike other chart makers, EdrawMax does not differentiate itself from other competitors. In fact, it keeps a retained link with them to increase compatibility while transferring files. That is why users don’t hesitate to switch from one platform to another, as they can continue their work right where they left it. The program supports Visio, Excel, and CSV file formats for import.

Safe Share And Save:

Besides the regular export option, EdrawMax offers a cloud save feature that keeps the online server updated about the changes you made in the diagram. So, you can use the program without worrying about data loss. Moreover, the military-grade encryption it provides is ideal for protecting your company designs from data snatchers.


EdrawMax’s supremacy is because of the hassle-free interface, free template options, extra tools, and better compatibility. The overall beneficial aspects of the software can never be contained within a single write-up. However, there is a better way for you to assess whether it is the best program by trying it yourself. So, Don’t wait; use EdrawMax, draw network diagrams, and experience what it offers.