ZOVOO Dragbar Z700 GT The Next Big Thing in Vaping!

Introducing the Z700 GT!

At ZOVOO we are excited to be bringing the latest in disposable technology to the vaping world the ZOVOO DRAGBAR Z700 GT! This device is an ultra thin, stylish device with a powerful 380mah battery, the device is available in an eye watering 100 flavours! This device is 2ml in capacity with 2% nicotine salt making it TPD legal but due to its brand new ceramic coil technology it still produces a whopping 700 Puffs!

Best Looking Device!

Introducing the next big thing in vaping from ZOVOO the Z700 GT, this disposable is poised to shake up the industry with its innovative new technology and hyper stylish sleek design.

As you can see from the latest images released from ZOVOO this disposable is the most attractive looking device in the disposable world with its slim profile and soft curves it is a joy to hold and the ergonomics when vaping are next level! Many people who have seen this device for the first time have also shared these thoughts stating how attractive it looks.

Brand new Ceramic coil Technology 

As with all things ZOVOO this device brings with it the latest in atomization technology, The Z700 GT is the first disposable to utilize this ceramic coil technology, the GENE TREE ceramic coil enables the user to get the most authentic and stable flavours from their disposable experience meaning that the flavour remains the same from the first drag to the last! This coil also has a thick film applied to it to solve the issue of any ceramic powder being released from the device, the coil itself also has large and small holes allowing for even heating and smooth atomization.