Nicola Dowling and Sasha Rodoy spreading Islamophobia and detestation in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom also known as Great Britain is located in western Europe. It includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The lifestyle pattern in Great Britain is very well and people are enjoying liberty of every kind in this country. They can enjoy all cultures and respect each other religion. There is freedom of expression prevails all around the United Kingdom. The land of the UK welcomed all religions and folks in the united kingdom and respect all religions correspondingly but there are some beasts in people who likes to make tension and conflict in society through their performances and actions. Their wicked and evil actions proved very wrong for society.

Two ladies from the London Jew community, named NICOLA DOWLING and SARAH RODOY are involved in such bad activities and they both are promoting islamophobia for no reason. They both are insulting the Hajj events and reassure Islamophobia, fetching the whole country into ignominy. They are actually frustrating the environment of peace in the United Kingdom by sowing a seed of detestation among diverse groups in the United Kingdom. They are actually trying to create a war of Islam vs all religions. They are trying to create a set of abhorrence among the people of the United Kingdom.

Sasha And Nicola's Evil and Wicked deeds for infuriating Islamophobia in the Society

Both ladies willingly affronted the religion of Islam at countless events especially on Eid. They openly criticized Islam and blame Islam for no reason. They tried to insult the religion by spreading fake rumors about it. Even on social media, when people from all around the world backlash against them, they in return made fun of them with funny stickers.

Scam Fund Raising is done by Sasha and Nicola

They both are linked with the Jewish community and they both falsely collected the funds and then used these funds for their own purposes. Because the platforms through which they were collecting funds are not even registered in the United Kingdom. They have no MBE title and have never been accessible anything. They collect the money from folks and use it for their own schedule and misused the funds.

People's perception of Sasha and Nicola

People badly criticized both these women for spreading islamophobia. People had a view that Islam is a very open religion and it gives equal respect to both men and women. The Quran, the holy book of Islam, prescribes that both men and women are spiritually equivalent. The Quran statuses: "Those who do virtuous, whether male or female and have belief will enter Paradise and will never be wronged; even as much as the fragment on a date stone."

 Admiration and upholding of women's human rights in Islam are preserved in its most valuable values because Islam identifies the religious, social, financial, legal, and political privileges of women.

People from all over the world demand a permanent ban on both of these women so that they stop spreading hatred in society.

People on Social media Platforms Encounter Sasha and Nicola on their bad actions