Types of Patches Useful for Marketing and Branding

Brand awareness through embroidery and prints

Create Recognition with a patch customizer is the way of advertising and marketing your brand in such a way that you are creating a sense of brand image in your customer’s mind and at the same time, this method is quite cheap. When you make custom patches and logos of your brand and distribute them among your customers and staff, and when they will use them on their belongings like a laptop, mobile car, cup, and their dresses so then there are fair chances that whenever your potential customer wants to make a logo he will remember you to make a logo for him. According to the study, Logos are the most realizable brand identifiers up to 75% and  around 50% of customers are more likely to remember brands.

Difference between logo; emblem; and patch


A custom patch is a piece of material sewn onto a garment, most likely in this experience, this material is embroidered with a symbol, which one regularly sees on army or school uniforms.


The symbol/emblem ought to come from many sources, such as a corporate logo, a tribal symbol, a heraldic cost (from a coat of arms), or the crest that sits above the defense in a coat of arms.


A logo is the sign of your company’s identity and it helps to recognize that a certain product belongs to your company, and in Embroidery too it helps to recognize the brand and it is also helpful for advertising, advertising through key chains, cups, and t-shirts, etc.

Backing types --- iron on -- sew on -- velcro 

Iron On

An Iron-On backing allows a patch to be applied with speed and ease. Heat is used to activate the Iron-On backing which then bonds to the material it is placed on. An Iron-On backing is not considered a permanent solution. 

Exposure to repeated high temperatures (tumble dryer and washing machine) and physical contact (sports) will cause the bond of an Iron-On patch to weaken. 

Our suggested uses:

·         As a placement tool: Once applied by heat, let the backing adhesive cool completely and then sew the patch on.

·         A convenient short term solution: If you need to apply patches for an event with limited time, use an Iron-On backing, but remember it's a short term solution. 


·         Sewing on a patch is by far the best way to apply a patch, and if done correctly is considered a permanent and reliable solution. 

 A patch that is sewn on correctly will withstand washes, contact sport, extreme situations, and everything in between.

Did you know patches are sewn onto astronauts’ spacesuits?!

Patches are sewn on by hand or by using a sewing machine.

velcro patch? 

1. Velcro patch, also called tactical patch or morale patch

2. With loop and hook backing, allows patch easily attach to something, all you need to do is to peel off its backing and attach to the article you want to decorate.

Final Word 

Hence you have a good intent to grow your brand, you also need solid information that help you take right decision. Also, some vendors that can literally create EveryThing in custom embroidery and patches