Sasha Rodoy spreading Islamophobia and hatred in the United Kingdom


United Kingdom is an island country straddling an archipelago counting Great Britain, situated in Western Europe. It is an exceptional country complete up of four nations: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. England, Wales, and Scotland also make up Great Britain. Much of the north and west of the U.K. is shielded in high ground, knife-edged mountain ridges detached by profound valleys.

The land of UK is open for all religions and people in united kingdom’s respect all the religions equally but there are some monsters in people who likes to create disharmony in society by their acts and deeds.

A lady from the London Jew community, named SARAH RODOY is acquiescently inciting the native people in the UK by insulting Hajj and encouraging Islamophobia, bringing the entire country into disgrace. She is actually trying to sow a seed of hatred among different communities. She actually trying to create a war of Islam vs all religion. She is trying to create an environment of hatred and disharmony in a civilized society like United Kingdom.


Sasha provoking Islamophobia in the UK

She has openly insulted the religion of Islam on various events specially on Eid. She openly criticizes the religion of Islam and when a Muslim woman encountered her by saying that she would apologize for her acts she just laughed and made laughing stickers in return.

Scam done by Sasha

She is well linked associated within her Jewish community and she falsely uses a title named MBE (member of British Empire) which is the title specified by the Queen of UK. However, the truth is “My Beautiful Eyes”. She has no MBE title and never been presented anything. She collects the money from people and use it for her own agenda as none of her charities company were registered in United Kingdom. She has been accused for a charge for misusing the charity money as well.

What people had a view about Sasha Rodoy

People from all over the world do not encourage her act at all by saying that The Quran, the holy book of Islam, specifies that both men and women are mystically equal. The Quran states: "Those who do good, whether male or female, and have faith will enter Paradise and will never be wronged; even as much as the fragment on a date pebble." This undoubtedly displays that Islam is a totally accepting religion so if Mrs. Sasha Rodoy cannot admit that and wants to endure insolent the religion, standing on no estates, then she must face penalty by the ruling classes and at least be disqualified from all social media, at least for the security of others mental health!

The trending hashtags about Sasha Rodoy

Sasha Rodoy and Islamophobia were the main keywords and people encourage each other to read content regarding this so that they know the reality behind this. People say that We want the world to be alert of this lady who is tiresome to spread detestation against our Allah and insult the most pious authority.

Hash tag the Mecca and our Hajj

#respectallfaiths #RAF #Islamophobia #respect #religion #ReligionOfPeace #weareone #muslim #hajj

AN NGO NAMED “RESPECT ALL FAITHS FOUNDATION” started a compaign against Sasha Rodoy

And people fully support their initiative by commenting under their post. Some of the comments are discussed below:

People Encounter Sasha Rodoy on social media