GSM Intercom. Unique Intercom That Rings on the Phone

In general, a house or apartment is also a responsibility to other people and even to the law. You flood someone, some registration services are looking for you, public utilities cannot catch you, uninvited guests have come to you ... And we will start with the fact that before opening your apartment, the thief will definitely check if anyone is at home.

DISCLAIMER! This article is about GSM intercoms. If you are looking for the best alternative to the Videx intercom, take a look at BAS-IP IP intercom systems. They not just ring on the phone, but they also have a number of other advantages that you will definitely like.

So, suppose a thief wants to come to your house! He called, made sure - as they say - "clear", then ... The thieves have already developed immunity to all kinds of electronic systems, and even to an automatic answer. Sometimes so cynical that during a break-in they willingly tell the owner on the intercom how they break his door.

- And what can you offer, do you have some special intercom? - your question is heard.

Leave the skepticism for a minute. If we also write advertisements, then not standard advertisements like “this is cool”, but we confirm each function with logic. Moreover, we created each piece of hardware and software ourselves, tested it ourselves, suffered on our own - simply because this is not on the market. And they created it because we ourselves need it: more than a hundred people work at Videx, and all of them have apartments and houses.

Videx uses a GSM channel for the speech path. After pressing the intercom button, the call panel at the entrance to the apartment is connected to the owner's telephone (s). This is a normal mobile channel dedicated to your SIM card, the quality of which is at least controlled. In fact, between you analog sound, here you do not depend on IP-problems.

At the same time, your phone is able to receive digital 3G traffic in parallel, showing the image from the IP camera of the same intercom panel or from any other video source. Yes, here we already get an unstable IP channel, but for video we don’t need stability. How many times do you need to show a person to get to know him? Yes, one frame is enough! And he will be able to get through even through GPRS, if you have very big problems with the Internet in your country house. With a normal Internet, you will have live video, and any quality - even megapixel.

But for safety, at least one, even a little legible frame is important. It makes no sense to appeal to the conscience of a thief if he opens your country house, where even there are no neighbors in winter. But it is enough to explain to him that he is perfectly seen, pointing to a cool jacket with a blue stripe, as the desire for profit is abruptly replaced by a feeling of panic.

Yes, even if he comes in a black mask, and you point out this feature to him, the first thing that comes to mind is that the owner is at home rather than talking remotely. No, it won't work? And we will turn on the light in the hallway - in Videx there is a function of remote control of electrical devices. And also turn on the radio, TV ... - the full effect of presence. There is no need for any police - the house is already protected at the penetration stage!

Thus, we get high-quality sound, video content available on all types of communication and a remote control system for locks, lighting and other devices. To the heap, there are also sensors with auto-dialing and sending SMS.