Five Trendy Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men to Try Right Away

Men's hairstyles have changed over the past few years and with so many options, it can be difficult to decide which look is best for you. We have collected the best men’s haircuts and hairstyles for men who prefer to wear long, short, or medium hair to choose from. 

Whether you have curly or straight hair or prefer a high or short cut, Capello Barbers has a men's haircut and hairstyle for you to try. Pick your favorite hairstyle and bring it to Capello Barbers, men’s barber to have your hairdresser cut your hair accordingly and follow the steps below to recreate the look at home.


A Tight Fade and a Hard Part Comb Over


This look is ideal if you want a light cut that can be combed quickly to the side. First, decide where the part of your hair will be. This means one side will be long and the other short, so let your stylist know your preference. Ask for a tight fade that rises to the back of the head and reaches the sides of the temples. The top should be cut so that one side is long enough to comb through. To create a hairstyle, lightly work the wax pomade into damp hair. Use a comb to brush your hair in the desired direction. To further hold your hair in place, complete the look by adding hairspray.


High Fade and Curly Hair


Curls can be tricky because they take a little more effort to tame, but they're not impossible to style. For the perfect haircut, ask your stylist to keep the sides and back short, and fade into two to three inches long at the top. Rub the Grip Tight Hold Gel into your hands, and then use your fingers to squeeze or “knead” the product into the curls.


Slicked Back Pompadour with a Soft Taper


Make this haircut your new look if you want to add some height and volume to your hair. Ask your stylist to create a soft taper from the neckline to the back of the crown and from the temples to the rounding of the head at the sides. The top section should be long enough so that your hair can easily be combed back to the top of your head. To get a pompadour, comb damp hair back and away from your face while blow-drying. Starting at the hairline, apply Stand Tough Extreme Gel with your fingertips and work evenly through the hair. Press gently with your palms and smooth any loose strands that are out of place.


Short Crop Haircut with Brushed Back Hairstyle


The short haircut is a haircut worth experimenting with for guys with thick hair who want something longer than the classic Caesar cut. To get a haircut, ask your stylist to smooth down your sides to the sides and back to the top of your head. The hair on top should be two to three inches long. Starting at the back of your head, comb the top of your hair forward and towards your face while blow-drying. When hair is dry, rub Clay Pomade between palms to dissolve the product. Using your fingers, comb your hair towards your face and spread the product evenly through your hair. This will help add clutter to your hair so it doesn't look tangled.


Man Bun for Long Hair


Man's buns may be out of your sight, but there's a way to make them work for you. It's really easy. Take a small amount of Work Hard Molding Paste in your hands and use your fingers to spread the product through your hair. Gather all your hair up to the middle of the back of your head and hold it together with one hand. With your other hand, twist your hair and roll it into a bun, then secure it with a hair tie. Use your fingers to twist any excess product left on your hands into loose strands to give your hair a messy texture.