FAMAGA Company - One of the Largest Industrial Equipment & Parts Supplier in the UK

 European equipment and electronics are known for delivering the finest quality, performance, and top-notch engineering and design. Working with European equipment and spare parts specialists like FAMAGA is an excellent way to ensure high-quality and reasonably priced replacement products for your equipment and electronics.

FAMAGA Company

About the FAMAGA Company

FAMAGA is the official supplier of European industrial equipment, components, and spare parts for industrial automation and electronics. The company cooperates directly with the manufacturers; therefore, it can supply the products at the factory's original prices and offer favorable discounts and flexible payment terms.

FAMAGA's team of experts has established contacts with representatives of the largest industrial brands from Europe. More than 13,000 European brands are featured in the catalog of manufacturers, with 135 dealer certificates issued by well-known European manufacturers.

We offer you a quick and flexible solution to any issues related to the supply of industrial equipment and spare parts for your manufacturing needs.

We serve the UK and global customers across diverse markets and industries with a wide range of integrated solutions and specialist services.

Reduce Downtime in Manufacturing

Downtime is a severe danger to any manufacturing business. One of the most dreaded scenarios within a manufacturing plant is that if one area goes down, it can snowball effect on other sites waiting to complete initial processes to deliver parts to them. Lowering the time that electronics or machinery is idle will be more efficient for the manufacturer's bottom line.

Replacing worn-out spare parts to ensure working performance and safety is the primary factor in reducing manufacturing downtime. Outdated equipment slows down the manufacturing function.

Machine downtime is costly; the Famaga expert team delivers lightning-fast response and consistent contact throughout the deal, from inquiry to delivery. Our goal is to help the UK and worldwide customers realize savings on industrial equipment parts and electronic components and maintain their machinery uptime.

Why Genuine Parts are Best for Your Business

While it may be attractive to reduce expenses by going for non-genuine parts over their genuine counterparts when you need to perform a replacement, there are dangers in doing so. Although there's a typical misunderstanding that buying non-genuine parts can save you money upfront, the raised risk can cost you in the long run, making your actions to save money ineffective.

The reason that pirate parts flooded the market is that they offer a lower upfront cost. However, you can lower the total cost of ownership and save money in the long term if you buy genuine parts.

The manufacturer guarantees genuine parts to fit into your existing equipment as planned, which will allow system operations to continue as intended. These parts will work for a more extended period, meaning you can reduce waste and other production problems.

Original equipment manufacturers will guarantee that parts meet the required specifications and that the pieces have been strictly tested. When buying equipment from a manufacturer, you are supposed to be protected by a warranty. That includes a warranty on the parts attached to that equipment, meaning that if something gets broken, you will be able to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

Over ten years, the Famaga team has accumulated experience and valuable knowledge, which allows us to develop and offer the best services for each customer. With our experienced service, you can be assured that you are buying the right and genuine replacement parts, especially if you own European equipment.

Importance of the Lead Time

A clear understanding of spare part lead times is crucial for reliable spare parts stock management. Part lead time is vital when determining which parts to stock. If downtime is not critical for the company, spare parts that can be acquired quickly and easily must be left out of stock management.

If the production downtime means a significant financial loss for the company, even a day or two without a part will be too long. Some spare parts suppliers offer long lead times after placing an order and do not carry expediting options. Therefore, keeping such spare parts with long lead times in stock is the best solution.

In addition to providing machinery spare parts at the optimal prices and lead time, Famaga experts handle all the required export paperwork and make the delivery appointments. That includes managing and conforming to all customs clearance documents and other duties to make sure your machinery spare parts reach their final destination. We have successfully shipped over ten million machinery spare parts and industrial components to various countries.

FAMAGA provides the customers with the shortest possible lead time, reliable and professional spare parts supply service to minimize downtime in manufacturing.

Top Benefits of Working with FAMAGA

The advantages of working with FAMAGA begin with our proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently to every client inquiry, using our extensive sourcing experience and the massive catalog of European equipment spare parts.

Customers enjoy working with Famaga because we are highly committed to our fundamental principles and constantly work on better business relations and service improvement. We work with small and large companies. Famaga team consists of highly specialized professionals who are responsible and upright in performing their duties.

Shortes Delivery Time

Due to our well-functioning logistics network, we can deliver the goods to the UK and worldwide within the shortest possible time.

Online Product Catalogue

The online catalogue of spare parts allows visitors to search for and order the spare parts they require.

Customer Loyalty

We strongly appreciate every client always offering the best options and conditions for long-term business relationships.

Legal Transparency

The supplies are carried out in full compliance with the European regulations and product certification rules.

Vast Experience

Since 2009 FAMAGA has been a constantly growing supplier of industrial equipment on the European market.

Team of Experts

The company's highly qualified experts will offer you a quick and flexible solution or help you choose the necessary equipment and deliver it to the destination country.

Quality Guarantee

All the goods supplied by the FAMAGA company are covered under a manufacturer's genuine warranty.

Direct Contacts with the Manufacturers

We can directly source major European manufacturers, allowing you to buy high-quality spares at a lower price.

Outstanding Results

With over 4000 customers trusting us, we have completed more than 75,000 supply orders with over 10 million items already delivered.

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