Brainwashing! The hot bgm of Tiktok came from VOOPOO!

VOOPOO get it get itVOOPOO spark your life…

Recently, a song called "Spark your life" spread on Tiktok, and many celebrities used the music as a video background to show their colorful lifestyle, and the whole network set off a wave of singing.

It is understood that this music is based on the world's leading vape brand VOOPOO and its Slogan "Spark your life", aimed at embrace life with every user and light up the infinite moments.

Break the border, the birth story of the VOOPOO single

Known for its transformative and innovative, the catchy music VOOPOO released is also in line with its consistent style. Creator Calicte is a renowned songwriter with an innovative compositional style. In addition, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Calixte took 9 years to become the #1 Billboard charting; VOOPOO was also focused on atomization innovation about 9 years and became the industry's leading brand. This is also the basis for the two to be so compatible.

This time, VOOPOO and musician Calicte created "Spark your life" to maximize the transmission of VOOPOO's infinite excitement and speed bring it closer to each user.

Hot spread, Write every wonderful moment

It has been observed that after the release of the song, nearly a thousand Tiktok users spontaneously used the music as a background tone to share their lives, such as dance version, instrument version, gesture dance version, rap version... Frenzied forwarding on Tiktok has formed a trend of screen brushing, and the topic of #saprk your life is on the tiktok hot list, and gains nearly 10 million views.

Why did this music suddenly explode? We found clues in music reviews. The simple melody, coupled with the brand slogan constant repetition in the lyrics, is an important basis for fiery communication; in addition, as the industry's leading brand, VOOPOO has accumulated more than 30 million fans around the world over the years, and they never set limits for themselves and dare to share their wonderful lives. It is precisely because of this that "Spark your life" can set off such a crazy wave of singing and remake video interaction on the whole network. 

How long will the "Spark your life" of VOOPOO dominate the hot list, and what big moves will follow, Let's wait and see.