ZOVOO Releases the First Sugar Free Disposable e-Cigarette to Open a New Era of Sugar Free

Based on the latest news, ZOVOO, an emerging brand in the electronic atomization industry, released new large mouth disposable products Dragbar 5000 and Dragbar 5000C on its official website.

Zero sugar, double flavor

It is understood that ZOVOO launched the industry's first sugar free disposable e-cigarette. Dragbar5000 and 5000c innovatively use ethyl maltol to provide the sweetness of oil. As a sucrose substitute certified by multinational authorities, ethyl maltol can not bring additional sugar intake while ensuring sweetness, and can effectively avoid the harm of sugar addiction to the body. It is the only choice for people with no sugar and less sugar.

As the flagship product of ZOVOO, Dragbar series products have been concerned and loved by users all over the world since they were launched. Its gorgeous color, smooth touch and rich taste all exude the approachable, fashionable and warm style of ZOVOO brand. The use of ethyl maltol by ZOVOO this time is not only a display of ZOVOO's in-depth mining of user needs, but also means its new definition of disposable e-cigarette. It will also become a major milestone in the industry and open a new era of sugar free e-cigarette.

 Solve the problem of disposable products and create a fuller taste

 As a user-centered brand, based on its strong technical background, ZOVOO continues to break the current situation, create new technologies, and bring consumers a comfortable and safe experience through a series of detailed design.

It is understood that after investigating 3000 global users, ZOVOO team found the spitting and bursting problems of disposable e-cigarettes. After a year of research and tens of thousands of tests, the ZOVOO team found a solution. The mesh coil of ZOVOO greatly improves the atomization performance of disposable vapes and solves the problems of spitting and bursting of disposable vapes. The application of this technology also helps ZOVOO products improve the taste experience of vapers. At the same time, the Dragbar5000 adopts silica gel preservation technology to lock the freshness and ensure its full taste.

 It is the optimization of product details and the guarantee of taste by ZOVOO team that makes ZOVOO Dragbar highly praised by customers in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.