What is an Explainer Video and Why your Business Needs it?

 Marketing is the backbone of every organization and modern business, traditional marketing efforts such as advertisement through televisions, magazines, newspapers, paper ads, and radio advertisements tend to be outdated and replaced by modern marketing tools which are available on the digital platform.


Explainer Video

Marketing on the digital platform offers more flexibility, accuracy, and cost control, making it a feasible tool for small-scale businesses to advertise their product locally and for multinational companies to market their brand worldwide through digital mediums of marketing.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media (SM) are the two powerful tools of marketing of modern times. The sources of these tools utilized are websites, blogs, articles, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and youtube which have emerged as strong platforms for businesses to market their product and services.

These SEO & Social Media platforms are triggered by high-quality content, videos have emerged as an ideal tool on these platforms, helping gain more engagements, reach, and views. Especially when it comes to market businesses, their services, and products, explainer videos are the best marketing tool for businesses. These videos have proven to help businesses market their brand locally to a more specific target audience at very lower spending.

Research conducted by Wyzowl which is a leading explainer video production company noted that more than 86% of professional marketers suggested explainer videos are the best marketing tool on social media platforms. Explainer videos are a clear winner when it comes to marketing, a explainer video company can be the best suit for you if you are looking forward to building an explainer video for your business or company.

Lets now have a brief understanding of what is an explainer video and what type of explainer video is highly recommendable.

Explainer Video Explainer

If you are new to this phrase, you are not the first many people are still unaware of what explainer videos are well here is your answer.

Explainer videos are short informative videos that explain the product, services, or business in a short glimpse of time. The nature of these videos is often informative, these videos are the perfect marketing tool. Connecting to an explainer video company can help you build an informative explainer video for your business.

Animated Explainer Video

Well, there are many types of explainer video types, but the best form of explainer video which has profited businesses more compared to other explainer video types is Animated Explainer video.

Animated explainer videos are rich in animation, colors, and motion graphics, these videos are very interactive and pleasing to the eyes. Animated explainer videos have proven to improve the attention of the viewer by 95%, this gives it a huge advantage when compared to other types of explainer videos. Connecting to an animated video agency can be the best suggestion for you if you are interested in building an animated explainer video for your company.

So now you have a rough idea about, what is an explainer video how can you find an explainer video company, and why are animated explainer videos best choice for marketing. Let's turn our attention now to some reasons, why should your business use an explainer video for marketing.

Why Does Your Business Need Explainer Video

1. Brand Awareness: Is your business facing problems when it comes to spreading brand awareness. Well, explainer videos are one fine tool that can help you ignite your brand awareness campaigns. Explainer videos can be used in social media campaigns to spread brand awareness through paid advertisement and can be uploaded to your website to retain more traffic.

2. Target Audience: When your goal is to target a selective set of audiences and you find it difficult, then explainer videos can help you. Building an explainer video that is strongly targeted towards an audience who are more likely to purchase your product or service can be very helpful. Explainer videos can help your business target the interest of the correct set of audience through its informational content.

3. Budget-Friendly: The traditional marketing techniques such as televisions and newspapers are expensive and inconsistent. Explainer videos are more specific and their marketing activities can be controlled. Also, explainer videos cost you lesser and are a good investment as you can even use the same explainer video 5 years later for your marketing activities. The nature of explainer videos is being versatile in marketing and budget friendly. Thus explainer video can help reduce the marketing budget.

4. Market On Social Media: The social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are platforms used by billions of people all around the globe. On average an individual spends 2-3 hours daily scrolling on social media platforms. Explainer videos are a good tool to market your brand on social media platforms. Thus explainer videos can help you build a strong presence on every social media platform and spread brand awareness.

5. Performance Analysis: Explainer videos are often posted on social media platforms and websites, both platforms track analysis of traffic, reach, and engagements. Thus tracking your business marketing campaigns and activities are within the scope of explainer videos. This analysis can be further used form frame better marketing strategies.

Finally, these were some reasons, why your business needs an explainer video. Explainer Mojo is the leading explainer video company and animated video agency that has managed a wide number of projects from the UK, USA, and across Europe successfully.

Explainer Mojo provides the best explainer video services at affordable prices with timely delivery of the final product. All explainer video needs are met under one roof at Explainer Mojo. So feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo today for your first Explainer Video for your business.

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