The Best Ways To Show Appreciation for Customers

Businesses that show appreciation for existing customers often benefit from continued support and higher rates of referral. From writing appreciation messages to sending business thank you cards, here are several effective ways for business owners and representatives to express appreciation and gratitude for customers.

Appreciation for Customers

Write Appreciation Messages to Customers

When customers make purchases, they do not necessarily expect to hear from the seller again. Sellers often only get feedback in the form of complaints or reviews. Businesses that take the time to show appreciation for purchases stand out to customers. The two most common approaches involve including messages with fulfilled orders or sending cards as a follow up.

Taking the time to send thank you cards shows that a business values customers or clients, and is also a good way to stay on recipients’ minds. Any point of contact can also be beneficial for remarketing and referral purposes. A message of appreciation that arrives a week, or even up to a month, after a purchase can also have a positive effect on reviews and recommendations.

Send Business Thank You Cards

Sending custom thank you cards for a business is as simple as picking your favorite card design, selecting card customization options and sending custom cards complete with matching envelopes to recipients on any mailing list. Choose from a wide variety of different types of thank you cards for businesses, including drawn, stylized and custom photo cards. Business owners and representatives can design custom cards to thank customers, clients and other professional contacts.

Beyond sending cards, business owners and representatives can demonstrate generosity by ordering cards from a service that donates a percentage of the proceeds from each order to charity. Every card offers the option to customize your own message and add a logo, photo, one or more signatures, your name or company name and a charity line. Choose a registered charity to receive 20% of the card order cost and add an optional charity line to every card in the order.

Make Special Offers for Repeat Business

Appreciation messages are also opportunities to extend special offers that incentivize future sales and referrals. Senders that take this approach often see spikes in repeat sales and other indications of rising customer loyalty. In addition to expressing appreciation, thank you cards can personally invite customers to leave reviews. Businesses and products that have more reviews, and especially those that earn high average rankings, tend to outperform the competition.

It is important not to overlook the effectiveness of simple appreciation messages and thank you cards. Today, businesses have many ways to market to customers, but sending cards offers a chance to check in offline. A physical message has unique appeal in an era of electronic communication.

Showing appreciation can be as simple as sending business thank you cards to contacts in a customer database. Businesses can draw on available customer data to find the best way to show gratitude and appreciation and extend special offers. Many customers appreciate receiving customized cards in the mail, especially when senders opt to donate 20% of the proceeds to charity.