Should You Buy a Car Warranty in UK?

Do you need a Car Warranty UK or is it cheaper to pay for repairs upfront? Our guide explains how car warranties work and whether they're worth the cost.


Car Warranty UK


Many new cars are only warranted for a few years, so if you own or buy a car older than tha, by default you will have to cover repair costs yourself. One alternative to this is to buy a car warranty. Whether your manufacturer's new car warranty has expired or you've just invested in car, there are many third-party warranties available for purchase.


Car warranties promise to give you financial peace of mind by taking care of your garage bill if you have any problems with your car, but we've found many of them to be overpriced and restrictive.


What does this car warranty cover? 


You might assume that a car warranty covers any non-wear-and-tear repair. But when we analyzed several third-party warranties in the past, we found many terms, conditions, and caveats, all designed to limit the provider's payout time. Heaps of small print can be confusing and inconsistent. For example, if a warning light prompts you to drive to the garage and a malfunction is found, it may not be covered by your warranty. 


The cost of car cover 


Our previous research also found that many used car warranties are worth more than the average used family car repair bill.


Most warranties can be tinkered with, but upgrading the package will increase the price, and once you've fine-tuned the coverage to your needs, you may end up with a plan that can't compete with the low average repair costs for most used ones.


Conversely, don't fall for a cheap deal that will save you the repair fee by including an arm-length list of terms.


A good alternative to buying a car warranty UK that would be to regularly save money for future repairs and find a good local mechanic who also offers good value for money. However, if you want to be sure about the warranty, make sure you read the fine print carefully before signing on the dotted line.


You can reduce the risk of needing warranty service by choosing a vehicle that is less likely to require repair. Our unique survey indicates the most reliable cars in the UK.


Should you buy a car warranty?


It's hard to justify the cost of many car warranties when you factor in the typical exclusions and expensive add-ons along with the low average annual car repair costs.


A car in the garage is already a busy time, and arguing about what constitutes wear and tear with your warranty supplier to try and recoup your garage costs is an extra pain that you could do without.


If it's important to you to have a warranty on your car as it ages, considers buying an extended manufacturer's warranty when you buy a new car. They tend to have fewer exceptions than their third-party competitors.