6 Dos and Don't for Corporate Christmas Cards

Corporate Christmas cards provide an opportunity to show appreciation to your clients and team while simultaneously boosting holiday revenue. While you can and most likely will increase business with holiday cards, your primary messaging should remain focused on the holiday and gratitude. To further help you create Christmas cards for your clients, follow the list of six dos and don'ts for card design.

Corporate Christmas Cards

1. Do Make Cards Personal

The thing that makes holiday cards unique is the personal touches, and that doesn't change because the sender is a business. When sending cards to your customers, clients, team members, and partners take the time to personalize the message. You want to include their name and possibly something about them; you can also just include a handwritten greeting.

2. Don't Send Out Generic Cards

Many businesses are tempted to send out generic holiday cards when it comes to corporate Christmas cards, but that is a mistake. Generic cards will typically be treated as junk mail when customers receive them, tossed in the bin without so much as an afterthought. Therefore, generic cards are a waste of money. Instead, focus on customization and personalization to make an impression.

3. Do Consider Messaging

Take the time to consider what you are going to write. While merry Christmas might be an acceptable greeting for some businesses, other companies cater to a diverse clientele, meaning a message of happy holidays might be more appropriate. Additionally, keep messages respectful and professional; using humor might be too risky depending on your consumer base, business partners, and team members.

4. Don't Overdo It

How many people are you sending corporate Christmas cards to? You want to be careful not to overdo it. Some companies decide to send cards out to literally everyone that has any remote connection to the business. Logistically, sending so many cards is unfeasible and will take away from the impact of sending to a select group. Additionally, do not bulk mail cards; it is best to take your time to personalize them.

5. Do Use a Cardstock

Making or designing custom cards is the best. However, you do not want to use cheap materials. Many companies are tempted to use cheap paper, but a recipient can tell. When your goal is to make an impression, you should use quality cardstock. While it might be more expensive initially, the repeat customers you earn will make it worth it.

6. Don't Use Shorthand

While most of the world is comfortable with acronyms and shorthand, it is best to avoid abbreviations when making holiday cards. For instance, do not use Xmas when you mean Christmas. The abbreviation is offensive to some and comes across as tacky to others. Remember always to use professional and cordial language when crafting your holiday greetings.

Are you ready to start designing your holiday cards for next season? If so, take your time reviewing the above dos and don'ts and then visit Cards for Causes to choose from a variety of designs and templates. Also, please review some of their helpful resources and examples to get some layout ideas.