Voopoo UK Field Force Team Starts to Drive Quit Smoking from January

It’s January now, what a beautiful month and season! A month full of hope, expectation, passion and enthusiasm. After setting up the local branch in 2021, Voopoo UK localization has grown rapidly. 

Voopoo UK

At the beginning of 2022, Voopoo UK has continued to maximize the functions of localization. As one of the main functions, Voopoo UK field force team starts to promote the Quit Smoking campaign through shop visits, consumer interviews, and a quit smoking tools giveaway from January.

Voopoo UK has built a very good relationship and business with all partners. Both are happy and confident that we will have faster development and greater achievements by having a closer local team and prompt service. Meanwhile, Voopoo UK is always eager to talk with the shops and the consumers, or conduct research, and uncover their wants and needs. It will help Voopoo develop the best products to solve their problems. On the other hand, Voopoo UK will help shops improve the sales process and drive the sales.

Voopoo UK field force team is a service team who will drive around the country to provide support to the market. On 15th, Jan. the field force team visited stores and had talks with the consumers. We also brought the latest products, Vinci Pod Royal, Vinci Q, and Dragbar. Vinci Q is a very suitable starter kit for the smokers who want to begin their quit smoking journey, it’s very simple to use, cost-effective, functional, and with high quality. Vinci Q’s pod is compatible with Drag Nano 2, Vinci Pod Royal Edition, and Vinci Pod, so the smokers can have lots of options by top-filling and side-filling, and coils, and convenience to buy anywhere. Dragbar is the simple disposable for quitting smoking, with high quality and performance, and mouth-watering flavours. Vinci Pod Royal, Vinci Q, and Dragbar are on sale in UK market now!

During recent field visits, the team were able to display the brand-new products at the stores, and the staff were very happy to see Voopoo representatives. During the interviews with the consumers, the team discussed lots of topics with them, such as new year’s resolutions, their quit smoking journey so far, what they love about Voopoo products, and what they expect from e-cigarette products in the future. To thank the consumers for their time, we ran a lucky dip competition which guaranteed each participant won a Dragbar, Vinci Q, or Vinci Pod Royal device, which left them delighted.

Voopoo UK is building a big field force team. To fulfill one of the new year wishes, Voopoo UK is creating some job opportunities. Anyone who is interested, is welcome to join the Voopoo UK team. Let’s deliver the gift of Quitting Smoking and contribute to the UK’s 2030 smoke free target.