5 Reasons Why You Need an Infrared Radiant Heater

Did you know that using an infrared radiant heater is one of the most efficient and safest ways of heating your home? This heater doesn't depend on air molecules but rather warms up spaces directly using invisible infrared light waves. It functions using infrared radiation like the sun. An Infrared heater is environment-friendly, requires minimum maintenance, is safe and silent, and is health-friendly. Read on to find out the 5 reasons why you should have an infrared heater.

Infrared Radiant Heater

Environment friendly

In today's world, we need to responsibly use the earth's resources. Infrared heaters work without burning any carbon dioxide, no open flames, and no fuel lines to leak. This means that electric infrared heaters do not emit carbon monoxide or other harmful gases. They add nothing to the air and take nothing from it, making them environment-friendly. Infrared radiant heaters help solve the CO hazard.


An infrared heater is more efficient than other forms of electric heating. It uses 7 watts per square foot compared to the 10 watts for standard heaters. To heat a medium living room of 330 square feet, 2300 watts of infrared heat are required. On average, this heater uses 30 to 40% less energy than regular heaters. Therefore, they save a lot on electricity use and costs compared to the average heaters.

Minimal maintenance

Another compelling reason why you should have an infrared radiant heater is that it requires little to no maintenance because it has no moving parts. It has no motors to wear out or air filters to replace or lubricate. An infrared heater requires only periodic cleaning of the reflectors and heat source replacement to ensure optimal performance. Thus, it saves on maintenance costs.


Apart from saving on electricity, an infrared heater also has numerous health benefits. Due to the fact it functions more like the sun, it has the following health benefits; boosting the immune system, healthy hearts, improved blood circulation, reduced joint pain and stiffness, and allergy reduction. This gives you a healthier home environment.

Silent and safe

If you enjoy the silence, an infrared radiator can be your silent partner. It has no moving parts or a buzzing fan blade. It can deliver heat in silence. With infrared heaters, you do not have to worry about safety. It uses infrared waves which are similar to the infrared radiation used by the sun. In a real sense, they replicate the natural and daily heat that already surrounds us but without giving any damaging rays.

In conclusion, infrared radiant heaters are the ways to heat your home improvement. As already discussed, they have a lot of benefits environmentally, healthy wise and even on saving cost and electricity. Although the asking price at the market may be high, they are worth the cost at the end of the day. ECO INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS is a great company that offers a wide range of air cleaning and air cooling solutions to its clients. If you are wondering where to start, visit their website ecois.co.uk for more information. Infrared radiant heaters are the solution to your heating problems.