Digital Menu Boards and Digital Menu Benefits

Screen Moove

Digital menu boards easy way to promote your products in your fast food shop to your customers with eye-catching ultra high-brightness commercial displays. If you are a take-away shop owner, this is the best way to sell your products in 2021.

The world is changing with technology, today there is over 200.000 take-away shop in the UK and only %2 prefer to use digital menus and this number will be increase in second quarter of 2022 due to covid-19 pandemic, crisis and increasing prices on the food suppliers.

If you have a take-away shop or restaurant and your supplier prices are increasing every month and if you are facing to update your prices but you can not because of static menu boards, Digital menu boards are the best way to update your prices anytime wherever you are.

Let’s give you a sample;

You are buying 1kg meat £8 and you are selling lamb shish only £8.7 for small portion and large £9.5, your supplier price has increased %5 and you need to increase your prices %5 as well, you need to replace your all static menu and you will have to pay full amount for the signage company.

With Screen Moove, you just need to update your prices only one click via your computer/tablet or smart phone.

The best way to advertise your takeaway shop menu

Here are a few guidelines about ways to promote your products with the digital menu you should know. There is a lot of benefits on the digital menus for fast food companies like animated videos, promoted products, and live videos to show your customers while you are cooking your foods for their hygiene.

Important Things to Know About Digital Menu Boards

  • Ultra High-Brightness eye-catching displays.
  • Schedule option by start-up and shutdown times.
  • Play 4K Video or Full HD fast-food pictures - menus.
  • Fully Cloud Hosted Signage CMS
  • Automatically Publish your promotions daytime like breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Publish customized content, like your own recorded videos or images or stock.
  • Easy to update menu anytime online from the CMS Control panel.

You Won't Believe What Digital Menu Boards Made to your Business!

  • It is an easy way to increase your sales and show your own products to the customers.
  • It is an easy way to update your product prices with your smart devices.
  • No additional cost, 3 years warranty.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Automatic Software Updates without any trouble.

How can I buy Digital Menu Boards?

Today, it is very simple with ScreenMoove, if you have a business just visit screenmoove - digital menu boards website and order it online.

If you require installation services you can also visit digital signage installation services pages.