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https://ereferer.com/uploads/articles/images/c4ae276865ad0e1ada8027b182ef529d.jpegMiguel Rueda's visions have resulted in some of the world's most stunning buildings and interiors. Mr. Rueda is a true visionary and inventor, having been one of the first home designers to develop and give actual meaning to the concept of mega-mansions, turning it into an art form.

Residential architect Miguel Rueda works with high-end clients, real estate developers, and large hotel chains all over the world. His global structure allows him to provide his clients with individualized, hands-on logistical and operational help. In every project, he gives clients individualized attention, from conceptual work to final details.

Miguel Rueda Designs Firm is founded on the belief that your home is an expression of yourself and that people can gain insight into who you are by looking at it. As a result, you want it to represent you in the most fashionable, opulent, and imaginative way possible. You can fine-tune the elements of your home with interior design and transform your spaces into a paradise that you will not only enjoy living in but also be proud to entertain guests in. This is why you should outsource this sensitive work to professionals who will expertly curate your dream home's interior design.

Miguel Rueda Luxury Design Firm is a high-end interior design firm specializing in residential, hospitality, commercial, retail, yacht, and private jet interior design. They offer Interior Architecture Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Art, Accessories, and Furniture Sourcing, as well as Bespoke Furniture Design, so you don't have to worry about anything. All you have to do is tell them about your ideal home, and they'll make sure it meets and exceeds your expectations.


Here are some of the reasons why dignitaries and celebrities have entrusted the luxury residential architecture firm with the responsibility of transforming their homes, hotels, workplaces, yachts, and even private aircraft into magnificent fusions of art and luxury:
  • They approach each project as collaborative work, believing that the client's vision is the most significant source of inspiration for every project. It's a discovery process in which they look at the client's lifestyle and taste to decide the style and design direction of the spaces in their house.
  • For your projects, they have access to over 100 major luxury brands from around the world, including manufacturers and suppliers of high-end fabrics, furniture, ornaments, and other accessories. This means that whether you choose to stroll on a Fendi Casa rug or relax on plush Minotti sofas, they will never compromise your preferences and will always provide you with exactly what you want.
  • The firm has a group of brilliant creatives with an aesthetic eye who will guarantee that your project is presented in the most gorgeous way possible, in addition to being expert designers.
  • They specialize in bespoke home theatres, wine cellars, kitchens, baths, home spas, enormous walk-in closets, and home offices, among other specialist areas in the home setting.
  • Miguel Rueda Design Firm can also design eco-friendly spaces at the client's request while retaining the same level of luxury and refinement.

Work Stages in Interior Design

The work stages of Miguel Rueda luxury residential architect professionals are designed to be as convenient as possible for you while yet allowing them to fully grasp your needs and expectations to deliver on time. The stages are as follows:


Because each project is different and clients' demands differ, the first step is to learn about the use of your property, your expectations, and your style. They look through your floor plans, technical plans, etc. The designers use these to understand your budget, timeline, and structural modifications, among other things. They will be able to produce an estimated budget and a cost proposal using this information.

Work Description

The designers will construct a paper with the scope of work, projected completion time, and cost after the consultation and send it to you for approval. They start working on your project after the contract is signed.

Preparation of the design and research

The importance of project research cannot be overstated. The Miguel Rueda designers need your input and feedback because it helps us figure out what you enjoy and, more significantly, what you don't like. They will share visual thoughts and ideas with you throughout this phase that they believe are appropriate for your project.

At this point, the architects and interior designers will work on space planning, architectural interiors, lighting architecture, floor plan optimization, bespoke proposal items, appliances, accessories, and furniture layout before presenting them to you.

Colors, textures, paint choices, marbles/wood samples, themes, furniture, and aesthetic ideas will all be discussed. They also use mood boards and arranged schematics to show off our choices for each location and room for which they've been hired.

Proposal Plan for Architecture & Interior Design

The designers will work on detailed design technical drawings and renderings of the project once they have reached an agreement and approval on design concepts, colors, mood, overall aesthetic, as well as furniture layout and style.

They also provide CAD (Computer-Aided Design) or 3D computerized visualization services here (depending on client contract terms). These blueprints assist you in visualizing the final product, ensuring that the architectural interiors, furniture, and accessory combinations are to your liking.

This is also the time when the firm commissions and orders all of the project's furniture, cabinetry, appliances, and unique things.

The project's implementation and completion

If you're happy with the preview, the designers proceed to the final step, which is providing all of the papers to your contractor so that the building can begin. After that, they'll give your property the finishing touches before completing your job.

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