Best Types of Paint to Use

Choosing paints knowledgeably is a task that pays off in the years to come. Whether one needs to get the interior walls painted or exterior ones, it is crucial to use the ideal type of paint type. Not only does this help one achieve the result they desire but keeps the walls protected from harm, and makes the space welcoming. Although multiple characters need to be considered before choosing the paint itself, durability is perhaps the most important one. If the chosen paint is durable and long-lasting, it will save one from the trouble of repainting over it now and then.


Types of finishes:

Although durability is important, the primary function of painting is to provide aesthetics to the space being used. If this purpose is fulfilled, the space appears appealing to the users. Now, this aesthetics demand depends upon the type of finish one desires. Choosing the right type of finish is important if one desires to achieve the true allure of these colors. Contradictory to common belief, each color gives a different feel when put under different finishes. For instance, a matte sage green gives an entirely different feel than the glossy one. Thus, if one plans on choosing the perfect packaging for their spaces, considering results under varying finishes is an essential step. Apart from the matte and gloss finishes, sating, eggshell, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes are also viable.

Area of usage

The type of paints being used depends largely upon the area in which they are using. The major branches are exterior and interior uses; they are subjected to entirely different atmospheres, thus demand varying paint types. The paints used in exterior spaces are more resilient as compared to the ones being used inside. Apart from the exterior and interior variations, the overall climatic changes also impact these decisions. For instance, an area with a higher relative humidity level will demand more durable paint as compared to the one with a lower humidity level.

The residential division of types of paints

If the project to be done is a residential one, then the choice of paints should be according to the typology of spaces in the houses. This is shown by the fact that bathroom paints will differ from the rest of the house. Nevertheless, this choice depends upon the aesthetic perception of the users as well. The statistics have set some common paint types for these areas. Usually, the interior is dominated by a stain finish rendering the spaces its impeccable glow. However, areas like bathrooms and kitchens should have a glossy touch to them. If all these ideas are maintained with innovations, a visually appealing place is inevitable. Thus, the paints used are used keeping all these parameters in consideration. 

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