Best Types of Decorative Concrete

Construction is one of the basic needs, just like any other essential activity. It is considered a symbol of life. This is the reason, there will be some kind of work that will be always going on in society. This is not all about creating new things, but repairing old and torn-out construction may be a case. For carrying the work of construction, there is a need for expert professionals. As it is required to have proper skills and experience to carry out this work of construction. For this purpose, there is a need of finding the right concrete contractors. They are the ones who will make an art piece in terms of outstanding construction of a building or any other thing.

Decorative Concrete

When it comes to word of concrete, there is always come a picture of grey rough solid. However, this is not the case all time. Several options are available for concrete. Depending upon the use and type of construction, the best one can be selected. This is not always grey as colors may be added to have the required view. Moreover, depending upon the safety of construction, plenty of additives can be a part of concrete to make construction resilient.

Here are some of the common types of concrete as follows;

1. Stamped concrete

It is not always the case that one requires a smooth and plain structure. In many cases, there is a need of putting some kind of pattern on the floor or walls. For this purpose, when concrete is laid down and in liquid form, molds are placed on it. These molds are placed for some time and removed back when the concrete is not hardened to rock-solid form. It is in this way, one can have the required pattern. The other way for getting these patterns can be quite tough, and the efficiency may not be good as in this case.

2. Colored concrete

In this concrete, dyes of required color are applied to have the floors naturally be in color other than grey. These dyes are usually pigmented inks that are used with solvents. This may be alcohol or some acetone. These solvents help in getting to penetrate the concrete.

3. Stained concrete

In this type of concrete, color is penetrated deep inside the concrete. Therefore, the coloring of concrete is considered permanent, and coloring remains for a long time. In stained concrete, there are two options, one is to use acid-based stains while the other is water-based. In the former one, color distribution is concentrated and even. While in the case of water-based stains, the color will have bright pigments with even distribution.

4. Polished concrete

In this type of concrete, a chemical densifier is used to fill up the pores present on the top of the concrete surface. Once the densifier is applied and dries up, the role of the grinder comes in. It is used to have a surface finish of the desired level. different levels of finishing can be achieved with this type of concrete.