7 Cool Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas you’re Home Needs Right Now

Growing up, children tend to cherish the memories created in their bedrooms. Whether it's falling asleep to a lullaby or a bedtime story, fighting over toys with siblings, playing with dolls, or scribbling on the wall with colored pens, the children's bedroom is the center of their growing up. 

Therefore, it needs to be properly designed to match their individuality. 

Play With Glow to Keep Monotony at Bay


Cool bedroom ideas for girls or cool boys should include bright and vibrant. Play with vibrant colors like pink, green, yellow, teal, and more. Creating vibrant patterns with paint also removes the monotony that individual colors bring. In this image, the headboard is finished in pink, which is a continuation of the overall color scheme, but the characteristic wall adds depth, volume, and drama through a unique design. In addition, the strategic use of mirrors in the wardrobe reflects the characteristic wall and expands it, making the room look bigger than it is.


Appeal To the Inner Fan with Cool Kids’ Bedroom Theme Ideas


Every child is a fan of something - be it cars, Disney princesses, animals, or cartoon characters. So, shape the fun silhouettes based on the theme. Cool kid's bedroom ideas are a great way to bring a big smile to your kids' faces. In this image, the kid is a huge Hello Kitty fan! Therefore, the parents decided to decorate children's bedrooms with Hello Kitty. From the wallpaper to the shape of the bed and even the wardrobe handles, the same theme has been expanded. In the second image, the child is an animal lover and a fan of minions. This can be seen in the impressive giraffe-print wallpapers, picture frames, and Minions-print pillows.


Sometimes Funky Wallpaper Makes All the Difference


Using unusual and interesting wallpaper on one or two walls can drastically change the look of any room. However, make sure the wallpaper is waterproof and scratch-resistant. In this image, you can see that two walls are papered, adding height to one of our amazingly cool bedroom ideas.


Showcase Hobby as Unconventional Accessories


If your teen has a hobby, why not flaunt it? Using their hobby items as accessories adds character to their room. It also reveals a sense of personality. For example, in the image below, the room has a collection of interestingly placed badminton rackets on the wall. 


The aqua green paint black wall decal also adds depth and color blocks. In addition, the soccer balls and swords of the ninja turtle depict that the child living in this room is also a fan of soccer games and a fan of action movies. Green and white were used as the theme for the entire room. You can apply the same idea to other hobbies like brushes, tennis rackets, and cricket bats. This is a tricky placement game in classy bedrooms.


Use Height to Your Advantage with a Bunk Bed


If you are fortunate enough to have high ceilings but unfortunately less floor space, use the height to your advantage. A bunk bed is a great idea if you have more than one child and lack space. An individual bunk bed with a ladder rail will allow the child to safely climb to a higher level. In addition, drawers attached to the steps create additional storage space.