Keep Your Car Tracker Subscription Active

Have you ever walked passed a shop and seen the poster telling you that there is a “closing down sale” but in the small print, there is a follow up phrase of “for refurbishment”?

Ever seen a pop-up advert for a loan with a “typical” interest rate of 2.9%? Typical in this case meaning that at least 51% of applicants will get this rate so conversely there will be a whopping 49% who won’t.

What about those times you have been on a shopping website and seen something that is priced “from”? Translation – “from” £499 but the most popular configuration and likely the one you want will be £799.

So, when it comes to the term “Active tracker” what exactly does it mean? Many customers that have been told by their insurers that they must install an approved car tracker as a condition of theft cover, make the purchase from accredited agents like Once the car tracker system has been installed, they receive the certificate of installation and forward this to their insurers as proof. We now have an “active” tracker and all will be well from now on right? Unfortunately not.

Active in this case means a tracker that the Thatcham S7 or S5 Certified GPS tracker system must now be maintained with a live subscription service, much like phone line rental. If you have a phone line on a contract, you will know that if the monthly bill is not paid, the line will be disconnected. This is the same for car tracker systems.

Due to the fact that GPS tracker monitoring providers charge on a monthly or annual basis, a failure to renew the subscription or notify the provider that the bank details need to be changed means that the subscription lapses and the tracker will no longer be “active.” Unfortunately, if your vehicle is stolen whilst the GPS tracker is inactive, your insurers could well be within their rights to reject a claim for theft.