Which Fruits are High in Vitamin C?

If you do not know about the benefits of Vitamin C then it is time that you explore them. Before we move on, let us decide the multiple benefits of the special Vitamin. It may help manage high blood pressure, may boost immunity, will lessen any heart disease risk, will help you protect your thinking and memory as age becomes a factor, may reduce blood uric acid levels, amongst many other benefits.

Therefore, here are a few fruits which will ensure that you get the maximum vitamin C!

Star Fruit

Starfruit has a great content of Vitamin C which will not only boost you from the inside but will provide a sufficient amount of boosting from the outside.

Grapefruits belong to the citrus family, and anything belonging to the citrus family is already high in Vitamin C content.

Sharon Fruit

Sharon Fruit will make your skin glow with the amount of Vitamin C it has. It will be beneficial for you, and only beneficial, no side effects have ever been reported of Sharon fruit.


Avacados have the much needed Vitamin C. They are very much similar to the properties of kiwifruit.


Melons are the perfect source of Vitamin C as they are also great in taste, they are easy to have on a daily basis as well and are very light on the stomach therefore you will not be feeling heavy just for the need of some Vitamin C.


Once again, oranges are from the family of citrus fruits and therefore contain some very healthy vitamins and mineral, Vitamin C being the majority of it’s content.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pears are high in Vitamin C and therefore are the favorite of all the skin conscious people who have a love for exotic fruits.

Vitamin C promotes the creation of collagen which has anti-ageing properties and leads to younger and fresher looking skin. Collagen is most attained by Vitamin C and therefore people even have Vitamin C tablets everyday, however, those tablets may have side effects therefore it is advisable to have fresh fruits instead.

Vitamin C also plays a role in how much you lose weight because it helps burn fat, and lack of the vitamin can end up in weight gain. Moreover, you may not realize but Vitamin C can also fix your mood a lot. Your Monday blues could be easily fixed just with the right amount of Vitamin C. It will lessen your hypertension and make you healthier mentally and body wise.

However, anything in abundance can be harmful therefore we do not recommend you to have it without the recommendation of your doctor, consult someone professionally before you take this habit up. Rest assured, these fruits are tried and tested by all Vitamin C lovers and you will love them if you are a lover of the vitamin as well. Good luck and ensure that you are consistent with your diet! Happy life, healthy life.