Love Pets? Here are Some Furniture Modifications You Can Make!

A lot of homeowners today own a pet. While others put their pets inside the cage, there are still numbers of homeowners who allow their pets to roam and enter inside their house. Are you one of these homeowners? Living with pets can be a struggle some times. You need vacuum clean your entire house to clean up furs and dirt your pets had made. Moreover, cleaning every single time is inconvenient especially if you are a busy person. The best solution is to modify and change your sets of furniture into things that are pet-friendly.


Today, we are going to know what are the Furnitures you can have so that you can live with your pets comfortably and peacefully.

1. Durable fabric for Sofa

Even how much we carefully guard our dogs and cats to refrain staying in our couches or sofa, they still want to lay there like humans do. That is why, we need to choose sofa that is durable, stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned.

a. Leather- a pure leather sofa is very durable and cannot be easily scratched by the little claws of our pets. It is also hair and fur-resistant. So, we can easily vacuum clean the sofa without so much hassle. Moreover, if there is dirt and stain left on your leather sofa, you can easily wipe it out with a wet rug. This kind of fabric is very ideal to homeowners with pets. 

b. Denim- denim is not only used for clothing, it can also be a good material for your sofa. It is durable and has a tight weave that your pets cannot easily scratch or tear it. 

c. Canvas- this made out of cotton and is undeniably durable also. Because it is made from cotton, it is water and stain-resistant.

d. Polyester- synthetic fabrics are also on the list of the durable fabrics for sofas. One example of synthetic fabrics is polyester. It is long lasting and can endure scratching of your pets. It can also withstand any stain and dirt.

e. Nylon- another durable synthetic fabric is Nylon. It stronger and more durable than polyester and any synthetic fabric. Although it is lightweight, it can withstand any tear and dirt.

2. Wooden cabinets and tables

Wooden cabinets and tables may sound a bit traditional to you but it is very durable. In fact, interior designers say that cabinets and tables made out of woods can serve you for 50 years long. Make sure to pick woods that is 100% durable and it will surely be beneficial to you especially with your pets. Additionally, you can paint the wooden cabinets with the color of your choice and you can carve it to make it more modern and customized. For your wooden tables, you can add glass on top of it to make it more elegant to look at. Place also a table cover to much more personalize the furniture.

3. Low armchair

Just like safety for kids, we also want safety for our pets. Place at least one low armchair in the corner of your living room or areas where your pets usually go. Low armchair is very convenient for your pets so that they can easily reach the chair. Do not take into disregard the fabrics of your armchair. Choose fabrics that are mentioned in the point #1.

4. Chaise

If you want an additional couch for your dogs or cats, having a chaise lounge is also an excellent option. Chaise is a kind of sofa that has only one armrest on the corner. This allows your pet to move around and go down without any hindrance. You can also rest here while playing with your pets because this couch gives so much comfort to humans

5. Ottoman Chair

Another kind of chair is ottoman. It is like a foot chair but it does not have any armrest. Your pets will like to lay here because it feels like a bed for them. Ottomans come in various shapes and colors. Widely used ottomans are made from leather which is a good fabric suitable for your pets.

Pets are like our young children. We should modify our furniture for their own safety and convenience… and also for our peaceful living. Visit us for more unique online decors!