Seven Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Keep it Pleasant and Cool

 Beautiful bedroom furniture and beds can have a pleasant effect on your bedroom. Unique designs and lovely wall colors can create amazing interiors that make your bedroom an ideal place for rest. Bedroom decorations should offer comfort and peace.

Decoration experts and interior designers believe that your bedroom's surroundings can affect the quality of your mood and sleep. A space free from gadgets and clutter, well-lit and airy bedroom decorations ideas are great for those willing to enjoy their leisure time. Contemporary and comfortable bedroom decoration ideas can include cozy lights along with relaxing and pleasant interior colors. Besides, soothing and stylish bedroom designs can allow you to refuel your energy and relax.

Our list consists of affordable bedroom ideas that can keep it cool and pleasant. Let's take a look:

1.Choose a subtle paint

Avoid using primary and bold colors on your bedroom walls. Instead, you can use soothing colors along with a relaxing palette, including monochromatic shades. It is recommendable for you to apply this color theory:  add a serene and calm effect using gentle hues of lavender, green and blue.  Rich hues are ideal for accentuating a mood of comfort and coziness. For example, the hues like topaz, pomegranate, and toasty brown can set a comfortable tone for your mood.

Apart from this, it would help if you didn't overlook your bedroom's ceiling. The ceiling is the core of your bedroom. Do you notice a bland or a blank surface whenever you lie down? The most you need to do is add a soft color or subtle pattern. Make sure to paint your ceilings with a light version of your wall's color. From the perspective of ultimate luxury, you can hang a crystal chandelier or softly lighted lamps.

2.  Cushion covers

Spruce up your bedroom with cushions. While adding cushions is an affordable decoration option, draping them with your favorite fabric is like adding the cherry on the top. You can add odd numbers of cushions to your bed and chairs. Besides, cushions are the best aspect for taking your seatings a notch-up. You can select from an assortment of square, round and rectangular cushion covers. The square cushion covers are used commonly. While coming squares, they can include numerous borders like frills, straight piping, and tassels.  They can go exceptionally perfectly when placed diagonally. You can go for round cushions to decorate benches in your bedroom.

3. Keep your bedroom simple and spacious

A bedroom should be sophisticated, simple, and cozy, no matter what pattern of decoration you choose. For ensuring easy movement,  keep a minimum distance of three feet between the sidewalls and your bed.  Try to furnish the bedroom with necessary items only. For example, your bedroom should comprise necessities like a bedside table, bed, a chair, and a dresser. Decorate your walls with a few family photos, an elegant piece of artwork along with a few candles and fresh flowers.

4. Create a private nook

Gift yourself with a peaceful place to read and sit. Create a lounging area along with an intimate corner. Include a footstool and a chair at the end of your bedroom. If your bedroom has a window, you can construct a window seat near your bedroom window. You are good to go with the natural light and the landscape outside!

5. Ensure your bedroom has plenty of storage

Bring in a roomy table with doors and drawers. Here, you can hide lotion, reading glasses, and books that are out of sight yet within your reach. To store extra items, install a storage bench or a trunk to keep blankets, extra pillows, and sheets.  Place boxes under your bed to store unnecessary items; you can always hide them with a bed skirt.

6. Curtain holders

Beautiful and attractive looking curtain holders are generally used to suspend elegant curtains in your bedroom.  To ensure your bedroom curtains are in place, you can choose from a range of stylish curtain holders. Made up of stainless steel, curtain holders are highly durable.

7. Indulge in comfortable linens

Drape your bedroom with luxurious and elegant fabrics.  Beautiful linen is the best stuff when it comes to bringing out the comfort factor of bedrooms. Buy bed sheets that are made up of a hundred percent cotton and 350 thread counts.  Create a sensual feeling across the bedroom by adding elegant mohair.  You can add silk bed canopies while throwing a warm rug on your bedroom's floor. 

Besides, you can drape your windows with soft and transparent sheer curtains that can filter light. You can combine the drapes with an opaque roller blind, which can be brought down to block the morning light or retain privacy at night. 

To complement all window draperies, use drapery lining and opaque blinds to block the sunlight if you are willing to sleep late.

These bedroom decors are pocket-friendly and simple. So, you can easily follow them to create a private space of your own.