How do I choose a scissor lift?

When it comes to your business, you need to find the right tools to help you run it. For some people this means they have the fastest computers and for others it requires a scissor lift. These lifts are often used for construction or warehouse projects as a way to lift heavy objects and place them from one region to another.

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If you are looking for an effective cherry picker hire scissor lift, one of the best places to look is online. When you search an online store, you will find that they offer the best tools to make sure you have the right lift you need. Just be sure to use someone who has great customer service representatives who will present you with useful data and price quotes for each model you are looking for.

There is a selection of things to look for when trying to buy them. First you need to find out what types can be found, what are their carrying capacities, what desk sizes can be bought, and how much they cost. While many of the scissor lifts only lift up and down, some will move the platform horizontally a couple of feet. Others will allow you to force the motor when the platform is raised.

Everyone eats differently. Some companies may choose a hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical machine depending on their requirements. Some will require additional needs like larger platforms for lifting and others will be able to support additional weight. Numerous manufacturers are now addressing the various requirements of industries.

When not in use and fully retracted, hydraulic scissor lifts take up little space within a warehouse or office. For some years, companies have benefited greatly from using these, allowing them to increase production and reduce worker injuries.

When choosing a scissor lift table, you should consider these 5 items to avoid operator injury and costly downtime. I have been selling lift tables for years and these 5 key points are what I would consider a must for any engineer or purchasing agent.

1. Who makes the lift table

Action: Ask the lift manufacturer of cherry picker hire or dealer where the lift is built. If you don't build here in the states then you likely end up with oil leaks, faulty engines, weak welds, and inferior components. Remember, pay now or pay later.

2. Know your duty cycle

If your application requires a lift table that will cycle more than 20 times per hour, you probably need a high duty cycle lift table. Standard elevators are only designed to cycle a few times per hour. Anything more than that can prematurely wear out the lift table.

Action: inform the manufacturer how many cycles the lift will last in an hour, day, year. If you inform them that the lift will cycle 60 times per hour and they still suggest a standard duty cycle lift table, talk to another manufacturer.

3. Center the load

A lift table with a displaced load is unsafe and also prematurely wears down lift table scissor joints and other components. Any load that is displaced more than 30% from the center of the elevators should be cause for concern. Please note that this is a general rule of thumb. For very heavyweight capacities and high duty cycle lifts, 30% may even be too much.