Property Tools for property investors to get you ahead from Alaine Bradbury

Alongside working on all of my renovation, sourcing, consultancy and investment projects with my clients. 

I have also been very busy behind the scenes and I am pleased to announce the launch of my new Downloadable Property Deal Analyser and the newly updated Downloadable Renovation Calculator on my store.

Who are they for?

·        Designed in mind for those who are embarking on the journey of property investment, who have heavily invested their time, heart, soul and finances in to building an investment portfolio.

·        For those who are beginning to realise that all the information about how to stack a property or understand if it’s a good investment is about to spiral out of control from endless lists, quotes, suppliers and contractors on post it notes that are becoming overwhelming.

·        For those who want to analyse a property for several different exit strategies.

·        For successful or new property investors who need to be able to analyse potential property deals to try and ensure that they will receive a return in profit.

·        Taking into account basic  property deals, Buy To Lets, a more complex B.R.R.R. - Buy, Refurbish, Rent and Refinance calculator, A HMO – House of Multipole Occupation calculator and a  SA – Serviced Accommodation calculator

You see I have been in your shoes, I get it, which is why I have designed a purposeful and easy to use 4 in 1 spreadsheet to help you along with assessing your potential property projects.

So, how does it work?

I have made it as easy as possible for you to use, the tool has been designed specifically with you in mind. It will help:

You input your purchase costs:

oPurchase price

oType of finance

oLoan to value

oMortgage or Interest Rate

oStamp Duty

You can also add other one off costs such as

oLegal Fees

oSourcing Fees

oBroker Fees

oRefurbishment Costs


oPlus a Contingency cost for those unknowns

You can then enter the anticipated rent and running cost then voila you get all the figures needed;

oMonthly and Annual Net Cashflow


oGross and Net Yield

The objective is to have all of your information in one place and track your objectives by flagging up key areas in a graph format.

I have many years working with investors and sourcing properties for clients in the Greater Manchester area and I pride myself on delivering a personal service as well as developing strong and long-term relationships that can stretch over various property journeys.

The mission of Alaine Bradbury Investments LTD is to share my valuable knowledge, information and wealth of experience with others in a fresh and friendly approach and by developing downloadable tools for others to use so I can pass on my skills and past experiences with others to allow their projects to run more smoothly.

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