How to Re-Calibrate Your Notebook Battery?

It is difficult to predict how long a laptop battery will take to charge because every computer user has different customs and requirements. The rate at which you use the electricity from your notebook battery determines the length of time that you can use your laptop battery. You can recalibrate your laptop battery if the battery life has not increased. How do I re-calibrate my laptop battery? The following paragraphs will give you the answer.

Notebook Battery

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Then fully charge the computer and let it run before the computer shuts down. Charge it after the laptop battery is completely discharged and restore power management settings and screensaver.


Re-calibrate the battery about once a month by discharging it, fully charging it, and then fully charge it. To be able to recalibrate a laptop battery, you need to completely disable all power-saving features and then recharge them. Then try two more full charges and recharges if it doesn't work the first time.


The above method of recalibrating laptop batteries works well with laptops using NiMH cells. But not with laptops that use lithium-ion batteries, because high discharges reduce the life and capacity of lithium-ion cells. Also, lithium-ion batteries irreversibly lose about 20% of their capacity annually during production at a typical charge level of 100% at 25 ° C, even if fresh. Thus, the most effective advice for recalibrating lithium-ion batteries would be to keep the battery fresh for virtually any infinite amount of time. Also, do not leave the battery in the laptop if you are plugging it into an electrical outlet or if you are not using the battery.


You can also recalibrate your laptop battery using the IBM Thinkpad Battery Maximizer to extend the battery life of your laptop. ThinkPad's lithium-ion battery, which looks like a smart battery, is powered by a microprocessor to keep track of its capacity. The laptop offers high precision capacity.


The HP Notebook Battery Learning Utility can help you with a modified version of the Win98 boot diskette. Just put on and turn on your PC. The recalibration procedure takes about six hours and is automatic. This utility can be found in different variations for different models. You have the option to run the utility every two months.


We should use the quality adapter for good battery health. If the laptop battery is still defective, then it has a memory that cannot be erased. Then it's time to buy another battery if calibration doesn't help.