How to Increase Instagram Followers Organically


Everyone builds an Instagram page in order to earn money through advertising, so do I. Stumbled upon an interesting post about gaining more followers on Instagram from other social networking sites, read the article and wrote an article on Pinterest Traffic and how to make money using Pinterest. Two things struck me as being relevant to my situation; one being that Instagram is the second most popular site on which to advertise on Facebook. The other thing was that Pinterest is one of the top ways to gain traffic to a website. How to Increase Instagram Followers will be the focus of this article.

Create a Strategy

In order to take advantage of both mediums of reaching an audience, it is important for a brand to have a strategy in place. When you use a service like HootSuite or Buffer, you are giving your account every post a level of interaction. Every time someone posts a message on your account, you are creating engagement for your brand.

By connecting with your audience, you are engaging with people who share the same values that your brand shares. You will be able to create a connection with your target audience organically through every message that you send out. Your audience will not see your messages as spam. It is a natural process that allows your audience to engage with what you have to say.

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Ask Your Twitter Audience

A good way to start this process is by creating a Twitter handle that matches the content of your Instagram account. For instance, if you post an image on Instagram, you can set up a hash tag #Instagram so that all of your posts will be visible to your target audience. You can then work on creating content for your channel that is in line with what your business has to offer. You can also utilize hashtags to help your followers identify where they should go to find more information about your brand. This will help you build an engagement with your audience and keep them engaged with your brand.

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Optimize Posts with Hashtags

Another great way to encourage new followers is by making sure your posts are search engine optimized (SEO). SEO is a technique that helps your posts get picked up in the search engines. By using hashtags in your description and tags, you will help users who are searching for products or services like yours get to see your posts. This can help you get new followers without having to actually pay for them. For tips and tricks related to Instagram, click here.


Branding yourself as a social media personality is a great way to get noticed by the audience that you want to attract. Branding allows your followers to become familiar with you and what you are all about. This builds trust and credibility with your audience. The more trust and credibility you have, the more likely someone will click on your link to visit your website. This is one of the best ways to improve the visibility of your brand. You will be able to show off your unique take on things or talk about your favorite causes and campaigns.

Produce Quality Content

If you have an engaging and interesting content that is related to your niche, it will make people want to engage with you. Social media engagement is the key to gaining a large audience. When you are able to engage your audience, you will be able to gain new followers, keep your current followers engaged, and increase the number of individuals that click on your links. All of these strategies can help you grow your audience on Instagram and achieve your business goals.


If you want to learn how to increase Instagram followers organically, there are a variety of different options, buying Instagram Followers UK is one of them which is not listed above. The best way to get organic followers on Instagram is to provide quality content that is helpful and not over advertising. Offer your followers insightful posts and content, which will encourage them to visit your page. Take advantage of the tools that are available to you such as the Activity Feed and the Explore tab. These tools will help you to effectively manage your account and increase the amount of engagement that is visible to your brand.