Best Software for Parents to Protect Their Kids

 The parent's primary responsibility is the moral and ethical training of their child so that may not indulge in immoral activities during the course of their life. The training of a child is becoming a growing concern for the parents with the incorporation of digital networks. 

Best Software for Parents to Protect Their Kids

The excessive use of the internet, social media and digital networks are pressing hard on parents to incorporate supervised internet access for their kids. 

The emergence of the need for supervised internet usage has other aspects also, as the cases of harassment and cyberbullying are hiking up day by day. A large number of unverified users over the social networks seek to stalk kids and then press them to get the financial credentials of their parents, which proved to be deadly for the family in some cases.

Moreover, the presence of inappropriate content over the World Wide Web has urged parents to monitor kids’ activities over the internet. This monitoring can only be done by using an efficient spy app. 

We have conducted an extensive assessment and found TheOneSpy as the best spying service for parents to monitor their child’s activities. 

TheOneSpy has started offering its services in 2011 and serving its customers effectively since its inception. The service is used by thousands of customers and is highly recommended and complimented by them.

The service addresses all the needs of the parents with respect to spying on the kids’ whereabouts. The spy app is compatible to be used with all the current versions of Android OS and iOS. 

The kids spy app stalks all the activities without any hint to the target user, as the smallest of disruption can trigger an inappropriate behavior from the child, which can be hard to handle for the parent. 

The kid spying flair of the spy app includes location tracking, website blocking, geo-fencing, social media apps monitoring, internal storage tracking, keylogger, phone calls listening and recording, blocking specific contacts and others.

We will have a look at the offerings of the app in detail.  

TheOneSpy – Best Parenting Software

Location Tracking

This feature can be used by the parents to keep a close watch on the movement of the kids all the time. The kid’s pin-point location can be identified with accuracy with the help of TheOneSpy. 

The movement of the kid also gets recorded in the form of a log, which can be viewed at any point of time. This feature adds up to the safety of the child as well, as if the child is not getting connected with the parent, the parent can use the spy app to determine the exact location to know the child’s whereabouts and protect them from any potential harm.


This feature is the most striking of all. The app allows marking allowed and restricted zones for the kid; the child will not be able to visit the restricted areas without notice to the parent; upon any breach of the prescribed code, the parent gets a notification through the email. 

Website Blocking

The website blocking feature allows the parent to restrict access to specific websites that contain inappropriate content for the child. The content can be morally, ethically, or socially damaging for the child, which need to be restricted for access by the child.  

Social Media Apps Monitoring 

Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Instagram, and Snapchat are the most widely used social media platforms used by kids around the globe. It is reported that these apps are becoming a wide source of harassment and cyberbullying on kids. 

Owing to the situation, the parents seek to monitor all the communication taking place through these apps. TheOneSpy spies on all the chats, multimedia, and voice notes exchanged through these app. 

The parent can restrict the specific user to get in contact with the child if the respective user is sharing inappropriate content with the child.


This feature identifies the passwords of all the installed apps on the target phone of the child for the parent. The password gets bugged by identifying the keystrokes while the password field is active. 


The conclusion of the story is that TheOneSpy is the best parenting app that can be installed on the phone of the child to know the real-time whereabouts. It is done for the protection of the child, and the app serves all the spying purposes of the parent.