5 Things to Do Before Opening a Hair Salon

Running a Hair Salon is one of the best and profitable businesses you can start nowadays. It is a kind that has an infinite scope and will never face a downfall. 

As everything needs proper planning if you want to go long-term, for opening a hair salon, you also will be needing some good strategy and plans to survive in the challenging market. Moreover, buying a property, purchasing hair salon equipment like from salons direct, etc. are some of the confusions that every person has. So, let us start.

  1. Opening Cost

Before starting the salon, it's good to calculate how much it is going to cost and what is your budget. Usually, it depends on the country, state, etc.

-          Licenses and permits: In the developed countries, a proper permit and license are needed for doing a business and the cost varies.

-          Property: Of course, you will be needed some physical place on rent, permanent, etc. and that is the things that will cost you a lot.

-          Payroll: This involves the bills like electricity, payments of your stylists, etc.

-          Hair salon furniture and equipment: Furniture and equipment like beauty bed, salon chair, salon reception desks, etc. are complimentary items and every salon must have these.


  1. Pay Attention to your Staff

Your staff like stylists, receptionists, etc. are the ones that will determine the scope of your business. For instance, all your business and feedback depend upon the skills and experience of your stylist, your hair salon’s image will be dependent on the welcome and way of talking or your receptionist, etc. Hence, you should have friendly terms with them, and you should always behave well and motivate them.

Being too harsh and showing a bossy attitude may result in demotivation and their interest in doing work.  

  1. Advertisement and Marketing

Advertisement plays an important role in promoting your product. Nowadays, the most efficient way of advertisement is through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, for a proper reach out, you must have an active presence on these. Moreover, you can create a website for your hair salon where you can give an option for booking, services, discounts, and a section for reviews.

Also, you can offer discount offers on your services after the specific period so that it may get the attention of some new customers.

  1. Talk to your Clients

Having a friendly talk with your client can help you to overcome several shortcomings. While doing the hairdressing or after it, you can ask them how were our services? Do you have any recommendations? And much more. Moreover, you can make a review section on your website and consider the reviews given by the clients.

These reviews will point out all the shortcomings of your salon and you can act upon them immediately. Also, if most of your reviews are good, then it will be more than good and will improve the image of your salon.

  1. Choose the Right Location for your Salon

As described above, buying, or renting a property for your salon will be the most expensive step and you must think twice before investing. Choose the location properly and it must be a busy place and should be accessible easily. The right place matters a lot. For instance, if your salon has proper space for parking, then they will be tension free and will always prefer visiting your salon. 


So, these were some of the things and tips that you must have in your mind before starting a hair salon. Remember that it is all about a good business plan along with best-implemented strategies.