10 Tips to buy best geyser for your bathroom

 Geyser is one of the main appliances in any home. Here we have directed you to buy the best geyser in India for your bathroom with ten important tips. 

All important aspects, such as design, advanced features, and most specifically, the safety features, have been compiled in this article. You will certainly be driven by these tips to get tremendous geyser.

  1. Appropriate size & Geyser Type: Depending upon your family members and usage, purchase your geyser. Both Instant and storage geyser have their pros and cons, whereas a 15-liter storage geyser is the most preferable one in India for a 4-6 member family. Select the appropriate geyser scale to conserve electricity.

  2. Branded Geyser with outstanding customer support: Bajaj, Racold, Venus, Orient with updated features are the best brands in the market and they have excellent customer service when you need it in the future. Purchase a geyser that is durable with replaceable parts that are readily available.

  3. Star Rating: The geyser’s energy efficiency is calculated by the star rating given for the geyser. Purchase a BEE 5 star rated geyser that uses less energy to heat water.

  4. Essential Features: Buy a geyser with essential features such as automatic thermal cut-out, adjustable thermostat setting, pressure release safety valve, heating element for glass coating, and rust-proof outer body. To boost the energy efficiency and protection aspect of your geyser, these features are added.

  5. Corrosion Resistant Geyser: Depending on the location of your house, the consistency of the water varies. Hard water contributes to corrosion, where the geyser’s life span is shortened. Installing a corrosion-resistant geyser is often recommended. Corrosion is prevented by the titanium enamel coated tank and glass line coated heating unit.

  6. Bar Pressure: The pressure of the water that enters water tanks in the geyser determines the pressure of the bar. To avoid water leakage and possible shock, buy a water geyser with a powerful tank pressure bearing capacity of above 6 bars with built-in features.

  7. Energy-Saving Feature: Water heaters are energy-intensive appliances, so buy the geyser integrated with power-saving features such as Digital Thermostat, Whirlflow Technology, Polyurethane foam, Wi-Fi Enabled, Adaptive Energy Saving (AES), and Multifunctional Smart Digital Display. 

  8. Child Lock: If there are young people at your house, it’s a significant safety feature that you have to check for.

  9. Safety Features: Fire-Retardant Cable, IPX4 Protection, Flame Failure Protection, Fuse/Circuit Breakers are the safety features to be considered before purchasing a geyser. The fire-retardant cable resists ignition and limits flame transmission. IPX4 is a pentashield protection that prevents electrical parts of the geyser from water spills and splashes. 

Flame Failure Protection in gas geyser is an important function. The build-up of a large volume of gas is prevented by this feature. If the current reaches the allowable limits, circuit breakers shut down the passage of current to the heater.  

  1. Silver Ion Technology: The spread of harmful bacteria in the water is impeded by this technology. It kills 99% of the water’s harmful bacteria and guarantees a safe and hygienic bath.

These 10 Tips for buying the best geyser in India for your bathroom will definitely help you to choose the best.