Swedish massage: Scandinavian slowness combined with oriental rhythm

Swedish massage, having absorbed all the best that was invented before 1813 by the conductors of massage techniques, has won its place among the most effective health procedures. What happened in 1813? It is this date that is considered the year of birth of Swedish massage(스웨디시), which was born thanks to the Swedish doctor Peter-Heinrich Ling, who came to grips with the study of massage techniques known at that time in Europe.

Swedish massage

The Stockholm doctor used traditional massage techniques in his technique, focusing their effect on rubbing and kneading sore joints. I must say that in those distant times when there were no effective medicines and painkillers, it was the diseases of the joints that annoyed adults in the cold Scandinavian countries more than others. Peter Ling realizes.

Benefits and possibilities of Swedish massage

Swedish massage, the brainchild of P. Ling, is a successful symbiosis of massage techniques invented by the ancient Chinese, Greeks, and Romans. Having supplemented them with several features and developed his system of influence, Ling managed to give the world a new means of healing, effective and affordable.

Swedish massage is not only an extremely effective therapeutic agent but also an excellent prevention of many diseases. In the right hands, this massage technique can be an effective diagnostic tool. The technique, invented by a Swedish doctor, is also endowed with powerful psychotherapeutic capabilities. After sessions that bring relaxation, people get rid of the effects of stress, get out of depression. And most importantly, they acquire immunity to stressful situations - a golden quality, agree?

Features of Swedish massage technique - softness and delicacy

Swedish massage there is a whole set of effective techniques that improve blood circulation, stretch muscle fibres, restore flexibility and mobility of joints, relieve swelling. The session begins with gentle strokes and gentle pressure on the areas to be massaged. No unnecessary pressure! Everything is done as delicately and pleasantly as possible for the person being massaged. The hands of the masseur, slowly and smoothly moving through the body, carefully work out the muscle tissue.

After the "delicate" stage, the masseur precedes to a deeper effect, using his fists, the ribs of the palms and fingertips. Even so, all movements remain soft and slow. It is the softness and depth of tissue processing that is the main difference and advantage of a Swedish massage. A unique technique allows you to stretch all soft tissues with the highest quality.

Thanks to the special position of the hands and the involvement of the tips of all ten fingers, the massage therapist immerses the client in a state of complete nirvana. Combining high healing efficiency and relaxing effect, Swedish massage resembles oriental massage techniques. However, Eastern techniques emphasize specific points, while the European version is aimed at the whole body.

Swedish massage effect

Swedish massage is especially good for the treatment of joint diseases. Analgesics and chondroprotective are often helpless against systemic diseases of the joints. Massage procedures turn out to be a powerful therapeutic agent that can dissolve scars, adhesions and thickened areas in the joints, and increase their flexibility. However, this is not the only therapeutic effect of Swedish massage; it also:

  • relieves spasms and muscle fatigue;
  • eliminates puffiness;
  • improves blood flow;
  • promotes wound healing;
  • improves lymphatic drainage;
  • accelerates the excretion of metabolic products;
  • relieves asthmatic symptoms;
  • stress and depressive conditions are relieved;
  • strengthens the immune system, nervous system;
  • Treats chronic fatigue.