Pick Up Your Favorite Fruit for Diabetes Free Life

 American diabetes association recommends daily fruit servings to control blood sugar levels and decrease type 2 diabetes. The study published says that fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which regulate blood sugar levels naturally.

Fresh fruits have taken on a daily basis for 4 to 8 weeks to control sugar levels and help a diabetic to check the diabetes progression in check. The health care specialists suggest eating fruits rather than drinking juice. The fiber element in fruits gets lost when the juice is extracted from fruits. The fiber keeps the stomach full, which keeps the craving for extra food in control. It helps in weight management, which in turn improves insulin sensitivity to keep diabetes in control. This is why fast-food restaurants like McDonald's and Subway have fruit drinks on their menu.

Fruit recommended for checking diabetes

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Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in fruits lower the risk of lifestyle diseases like heart issues, check free radicals and boost overall health. This is an important fact as diabetes is linked to heart issues and other problems.

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All types of berries from red berry to blue and strawberry are loaded with fiber and antioxidants. American diabetes association has labeled berries as a superfood for diabetes control.  The experts favor eating berries as fruits. The fresh berries are preferred. However, in winter conditions in some countries, the frozen berries are the next best option.


Another fruit packed with antioxidants to prevent inflammation and spike in blood sugar level down. In addition to blood sugar level, cherry also fights heart disease by opening blood vessels. Any fruit which opens blood vessels and supports blood circulation is an excellent erection booster. It increases the erection intensity for males with low blood circulation. A review published in nutrients in 2018, confirmed the lifestyle disease-fighting property of cherry fruit.


Juicy peaches are fruit known for its sugar fighting properties. One serving per day fulfills 11 percent of your vitamin needs.  Nutritionists suggest making smoothies by adding cherries and berries to peach juice to make it more healthy and tasty. 


 Apricot in summers is one part of your diabetes control plan. One serving with 4 apricots fulfills the 15 percent vitamin need for a day. The fiber content of fruit gives fullness feelings to keep craving for snacks down. When used as a weight management tool, it improves insulin sensitivity, which keeps blood sugar levels down. 

USDA favors fresh fruit servings. 

Avocado has properties specific to control diabetes. It has been proved in a study in 2019, which showed that avocation, a fat molecule in apricots inhibits the oxidation pancreas, which reduces insulin resistance. Daily avocado servings check obesity and body mass index.  For an obese man, apricot is an ideal fruit to keep weight under check and control diabetes. 

Kiwi fruit is an excellent diabetes-friendly fruit diet. one kiwi according to USDA, 215 g potassium, 64mg vitamin, and 2 g fiber.  

First choice should be fresh fruits 

The fiber content of fruits is lost in extracting juice from fruits. This fiber content keeps extra intake of food in check. Without feeling full, the diabetic person eats more than the necessary food servings. Weight management is an essential part of diabetes control, as a healthy weight keeps insulin within safe limits.

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The best thing about fruits is that one can make a salad, smoothies of more than one fruit and add them into snacks to change the taste. Seasonal fruits are available at the best prices. Just make sure that fresh fruits should be the first preference. Never substitute fruits with juice for diabetes control.