Our Guide to Choosing Women's Silver Rings

Silver Rings

Women's silver rings did not go out of style. They are not going to do it our guide to taking women's silver rings will help you find the much-desired ring.

Silver subtleties

Before buying a women's silver ring, it would be nice to know a little about the properties of different samples of silver. Silver itself is a ductile metal. Pure silver is not used for making women's rings and other jewelry due to its excessive softness. A silver ring will only be durable if it is made from an alloy of silver with another substance. So, sterling silver is recognized as the most successful for the production of rings. It contains about 92% silver and 8% copper - sometimes artisans deviate from these values ​​by half a percent.

Women's sterling silver rings can delight you with a very bright shine. To give a ring an extraordinary shine, it is covered with a thin layer of pure silver, without hardening impurities. Women's silver rings are also rhodium-plated to increase the ring's resistance to dull spots.

Girls and women from year to year prefer silver rings. This happens for two main reasons:

  1. Silver rings are often more affordable than gold and platinum rings. Exquisite silver rings with intricate engravings are usually cheaper than gold ones. The price of a silver ring can be compared with products made of other metals only in one case - if a high-class diamond was used as a decoration.
  2. The attractive appearance of the silver ring is mesmerizing. No other material gives such a noble and, most importantly, natural shine.

Women's silver rings are available in many shapes and sizes. Jewelers love silver because they can make a lot of it out of it. Another undeniable advantage of silver rings is that it is not at all necessary to apply rhodium plating on them. Women's silver rings will shine brightly and nobly without it, which cannot be said about rings made of white gold, where rhodium plating is necessary to maintain shine. Are there any drawbacks to women's silver rings? Only one is the softness of the metal. Silver rings are more prone to scratches and dents than rings made from other metals. But there is always a way out: a professional jeweler will be able to straighten the ring and remove scratches. 

Care Tips 

Women's silver rings require maintenance like any other ring. It is important to remember that silver has high heat and electrical conductivity. Silver rings will delight the owner for many years; you need to follow these simple care tips:
  1. Protect silver rings from contact with heat and electricity sources, as well as from mechanical damage. Just remove the rings before doing anything that could damage the ring. This also applies to dishwashing.
  2. It is recommended to store silver rings in a thick cloth bag, separate from other jewelry and rings that might scratch them.
  3. Want to clean your silver ring? Just wash it with warm water and soap, after smooth hand movements, with gentle pressure, wipe dry with a soft cloth. If necessary, use products to remove dull areas on the ring surface, but only those that have been approved for use on silver rings.
The wide range of models and styles makes silver rings a welcome addition to the women's jewelry collection. The women's silver ring is an elegant accessory that has stood the test of time.