Mike Tyson Workout Routine, Boxing Training, Diet Plan

Mike Tyson Workout

Nicknamed "Iron Michael" and "Dynamite Kid" early in his career, Michael Gerard Tyson, and later named "The Worst Man on the Planet," is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. The 52-years-old former professional boxer holds the record for "third longest undisputed reign" and was the youngest person to win WBA, WBC, and IBF world titles at the same time under 20; known for his ferocious boxing style, he was one of the greatest punchers and the most potent hitters in heavyweight boxing history. His great strength, as well as his ability to knock out even the most powerful opponents, is what made him one of the most fearsome fighters.

Mike Tyson Workout

Mike Tyson Body Measurements.

  • Height: 5’ 10”; Weight: 222-240 lbs.
  • Chest: 52"; Waist: 36"
  • Biceps: 18."

Mike Tyson Workout Routine

While many people attribute his success to his genetic makeup, his insane training regimen played a crucial role. He trained under his head coach's guidance, Cus D'Amato, assisted by Teddy Atlas and Kevin Rooney. Tyson trained for 8-10 hours a day, six days a week, and then spent another 2-3 hours on mental training. He changed his training routine often, but a typical daily routine in his prime looked like this:

  • Waking up at 4 am and running for a 3-5 mile jog
  • Sparring for 10-12 rounds
  • Coming back, taking a shower, and going back to bed
  • Calisthenics (involving pushups, dips, shrugs, sit-ups, and 10-15 minutes of neck exercises)
  • Sparring, slip bag, jump rope, bag work, pad work, and speed bag for 6 rounds
Boxing Paids
  • Perfecting technique through shadow boxing
  • More calisthenics
  • Cool down with exercise bike
  • Study fights and training footage

Mike Tyson's Training

Mike Tyson's Training

Shadow Boxing

Cus had Mike hit in circles as fast and hard as possible to make sure he was perfecting his form. He also practiced moving his head 2-3 times after a hit or combo so that he could hit but didn't get hit.

Punching Heavy Bags

At the beginning of his career, working with the bag was about developing the ideal form, strength, and combinations. Mike performed a defensive movement every time he landed a punch or combo, and for him, the defensive training was head movement. Cas gradually increased the weight of the punching bags and made Mike use more massive punching bags, which were believed to have lifted to 300 pounds.


Sparring was not just "training fights," but real fights. Experienced heavyweight pros were brought in to Casa's gym to spar with Mike. He was a terrifying fighter as he hurt and punished everyone he sparred within the ring. When sparring, Mike usually avoided wearing headgear.

Mitt Work

Kevin Rooney helped Mike train on pillows, mainly focusing on gliding and counter-attacking. This included dodging blows directed in his direction.

Slip Bag Training

Cas had this tool in the gym, and many boxers, including Mike, trained with it. This helped him correctly calculate the time of movement of the head and sliding without noticing it visually.

Calisthenics Routine

Mike's daily routine was something like this:

  • 500 pushups
  • 2000 sit-ups
  • 500 dips
  • 500 shoulder shrugs
  • Neck bridges for 30 minutes

Neck Workouts

For someone his size, Mike had a huge neck (20-22 inches), which he achieved with the following two exercises:

  • 500 shoulder shrugs throughout the day using a 30-75 kg barbell
  • Wrestler neck bridges (sets: 3, reps: 10 min)

Mental Training

Mike developed his boxing IQ by reviewing many tapes and recordings of legendary boxers. He analyzed and grasped what they were doing correctly and also tried to find their mistakes.

Mike Tyson Diet – A Special Diet

It was a novelty in those days that food and nutrition were taken into account in this training type. Because of this, Cas considered himself ahead of his time and worked out the perfect plan for years.

Mike Tyson's diet has been integral to the boxer's success as his fitness has improved markedly. The menu consists of different elements, in which proteins and vitamins were an essential part of the process.

The housekeeper who worked with Tyson prepared various exceptional dishes that were chock-full of these two ingredients. The pasta and steak were consistent, but she found Mike secretly enjoyed some of the sweets even with all that.

He usually had a bowl full of Captain Crunch, which was forbidden in his diet. But he was not charged as, after all, it was only the person he demonstrated with these small actions.

Mike Tyson can exercise and have abnormal stamina, both physically and mentally. But these little traps were an escape and a luxury he deserved; excess is not good.

The Fruits of Your Perseverance

Mike Tyson has been a wonderful person due to his professional accomplishments, paving a hard to match. In his early years, he defeated his opponents in a short time; just one round was enough thanks to his enormous abilities.

This fact still did not inspire confidence in him, and it was this conviction allowed him to defeat increasingly powerful opponents. Mike Tyson's prime weight was impressive, and his combination of impeccable skills made him wary.

Factors that benefited him were his cunning and poise, which made him stand out among the best. Mike Tyson jump rope from the slightest workout; he got the maximum pleasure out of it, which did not go unnoticed.

Mike Tyson jump rope

Unfortunately, Tyson made mistakes despite his dedication to boxing, which led to him serving time in jail. This was a massive gap in his career as it took several years for him.

When he returned to the ring, his golden days were over, and he was soon forced to retire. It was a question of old age because no matter how much training you have, you cannot avoid something inevitable.

In 2005, Mike Tyson left the heavyweight division, leaving a great track that was hard to beat. And all these thanks to the conviction and perseverance of a person who was not satisfied, although he had genetic blessings.

His regular diet plan is similar to the one given below:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, milk, and vitamin supplements

Lunch: Rice, chicken breasts, orange juice

Post-Workout Snack: Protein shakes, six bananas

Dinner: Pasta, steak, tropical juice

In 2010, Mike went vegan because he suffered from the ill effects of drugs and cocaine. In an interview, he said that after becoming a vegan, all of his health problems, including high blood pressure and arthritis, were eliminated.

Mike Tyson Workout Routine Conclusion

Mike Tyson's workout routine is still famous, proving that you can go beyond. This may sound crazy to many, but the typical heavyweight champion has shown his results.

This is proof that hard work will go a long way, even when combined with a specific strategy. Blinding uses only a small portion of a person's true abilities.

Thanks to Mike Tyson, his strenuous routine and skills, he draws inspiration from life.