How to choose the right frame for your personality?

 Finding the right pair of glasses and frames for your personality is a daunting task, especially when there is an overwhelming variety of styles and designs available on the internet. Fashion frames are an intimate accessory and the very first thing that gets noticed on you. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to put enough thought before purchasing a pair for your face. Here is the ultimate guide to help you find just the right frame for your personality:

How to choose the right frame for your personality

Frames according to face shape

  • Round faces

Round faces have more soft angles with slightly wider cheekbones, giving around and chubby look. They have an almost proportionate face that needs an eye accessory to add an angle to the face. They look best in glasses with bold angles like a sharp wayfarer and rectangular glasses.

  • Square faces

Square faces are characterized by sharp angles and a straight line running from the forehead to the jawline. They need a frame that can soften the sharp jawline and cheekbones. Round glasses or oval-shaped glasses with a slightly wider front framework best for square shaped glasses.

  • Triangular faces

A triangular face is characterised by a jawline that is wider than any other part of the face, narrowing down to the forehead. To bring a proportion to their face, they can try glasses that are wider than their forehead and come with a highlighted upper line. Cat-eye glasses and browline frames work best for this purpose.

  • Heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped or inverted triangular faces are just opposite to triangular faces - with the forehead being the widest part of the face and narrowing to the jawline. Though this is one of the most versatile face shapes, they can choose modified wayfarers with highlighted lower rims to accentuate their face. 

Frames according to the situation

  • Frames for the office

Most of us are finally returning to our offices after long months of quarantine. With upgraded wardrobes for the winter, we also need to upgrade our eyewear collection. Thin rimmed glasses in gold, silver or rose-gold metal work best to bring together an elegant office attire. To go a little bold, you can choose cat-eye glasses or transparent glasses. 

  • Frames for the college

College students have the freedom to experiment with different styles and patterns. You can choose any style from basic wayfarers to funky oversized frames according to your mood and the occasion.

  • Frames for a vacation

Your travel bag is not complete without a good pair of sunglasses to save you from the rage of the sun at the new place. If you wear prescription glasses, you can get them transformed into transition glasses that turn dark when exposed to UV rays of the sun.

  • Frames for work from home

Work from home attires and accessories are very basic, lightweight and comfortable. You can choose simple wayfarers or rectangular glasses in plant-based acetate material that is ultralight, hypoallergenic, flexible, and durable than regular plastic.

The latest eyewear trends

  • Cat-eye glasses

Bold cat-eye glasses are the most popular choice for women’s glasses they add a quirky and sassy feline appeal to the look.

  • Round glasses

Round glasses have always been in trend for their versatility. The newer modifications include glasses with thin rims, pretty colors, tortoiseshell print, and clear frames.

  • Geometrical glasses

Geometrical glasses with thick acetate or thin metal rims in hexagon, octagon, square, rectangle, and unique geometrical shapes are raging the eyewear industry. There’s nothing better than an elegant piece of geometric glasses to accentuate your facial features and amp up your style statement.

  • Transparent glasses

If you are looking for an eye accessory for understated elegance, then you can not go wrong with a nice pair of tinted transparent glasses. With pretty colors like pastels in pink, blue, green, grey, and peach, clear glasses are available on every website in the UK.

  • Oversized glasses

The Covid-19 pandemic clearly seems to have influenced the eyewear trends this year as we see more of these oversized and face-shielding frames that make the wearer feel protected.

  • Tortoiseshell print

The tortoiseshell print is everywhere - on half-rim glasses, full rim glasses, rimless glasses with colored temples, cat-eye glasses, browline glasses, and even sunglasses. When looking for cheap glasses online, you can easily come across a great variety of tortoiseshell glasses.