How Much Does Testosterone Levels Increase During the Course Whit Sport Stimulants?

Any drug containing a synthetic analogue of testosterone increases the level of testosterone in the body and causes a reaction in the body.

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The surplus that will seriously affect your results is an increase in the level compared to the norm by several times (more than 3 - 10 times, depending on what goals you are currently pursuing), and not by 10 - 50%.

A small (up to 2 times) excess of testosterone levels above normal, with a recently started course (1 -2 weeks), indicates that either the body does not absorb the drug well (for various reasons - from genetic to a short break from the previous course, or switch to weak steroids), or take low doses.

To see this in your research, it is good to know your norms before the course. The optimal values for your gender and age are indicated in the test results in the same printout.

If they are not listed, remind them and ask them to point them out, because different laboratories may use different equipment with different technology to detect, accurately and calibrate the equipment.

Therefore, for each laboratory, the test results indicate 2 values ​​- the norms for the age and sex of the patients, as well as those obtained as a result of the analysis.

After starting the course you will see changes in the values ​​of the main hormones compared to the initial ones.

As a rule, for testosterone esters: testosterone levels rise (immediately), estradiol - a little later, when the amount of testosterone in the body is already much higher than normal.

The amount of hormones (LH, FSH) affecting the production of own (endogenous) testosterone decreases to almost zero values, as own production during the course is suppressed.

The speed and magnitude of the changes depends on the dosage of the drugs, their type, stage of course, responsiveness of the organism and others. For example, by taking small doses of aromatized tablets (a few oxandrolone tablets), you may see suppression (reduction) of FSH and LH levels, but you will not see elevated estradiol and testosterone levels.

The reason is because 2 tablets oxandrolone taken during the day, firstly, do not cause a sharp rise in testosterone levels, and secondly, until the morning of the next day (tests are done on an empty stomach, in the morning, after 8 hours of fasting), more than half will be separated from the body.

And there will be no elevated estradiol because Oxandrolone - Anavar is not flavored. Also, after 4 to 6 weeks of taking medications with elevated levels of total testosterone, there is likely to be insufficient levels of free testosterone, because after 1.5 months of taking 500 mg of testosterone per week, you will already have has elevated blood levels of SHBG (globulin that binds sex hormones), raising the level of any of the body's measures to prevent a sharp rise in testosterone levels. If you are looking for more information about oxandrolone - anavar go here right way.

For those who can't or don't want to take tests, we can only recommend a scale, a centimeter tape and detailed records that will somehow help analyze the changes in your body.