5 Reasons Your Vape Is Leaking And How To Fix It?

Leaking is a pervasive problem reported by regular vapers. Watching the e-juice leak outside the device can be quite frustrating. It is not only a waste of e-juice, but it can also make the whole place messy and sticky.

If you are a vaping enthusiast trying to understand why your device is leaking, here is a simple guide to identify the problem and rectify it.
Leaking And Flooding

Flooding and leaking are both dire concerns for vapers. The signs of both problems are very similar. Leaking is when the e-juice starts to escape from the tank through the airflow system located along the sides. Damages to the components of the vape device usually contribute to leaking. On the other hand, flooding refers to leakage that occurs through the threading of the vape device. The problem happens due to the misuse of the device, such as taking sharp drags, overfilling vape juice, or leakage of e-juice into the mouthpiece.

Both problems can be equally important to handle as they compromise the safety and experience of vaping. Therefore, it is essential to identify what could be causing this issue and rectify it immediately. Here are five reasons your vape device could be leaking e-juice and some tips to solve the problem. 

Improper Refilling Techniques

Overfilling your vape tanks is one of the most common problems that lead to leakage. Adding liquid beyond the recommended levels will influence the working mechanism of the device. Vape devices require a gap between the liquid and the electronic systems to create the tank’s necessary operation pressure. By overfilling the tank, you are essentially reducing the vape’s ability to build the pressure, pushing the liquid out.

Similarly, incorrect filling techniques could cause e-juice to enter the chimney or the tube connecting the coil and the mouthpiece. A clogged chimney will increase the chances of leakage in your device.

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The best way to avoid e-juice from entering the chimney is to tilt the tank while pouring it. Ensure the best vape juice brands run on the tank walls and not into the chimney to reduce the chances of leakage. 

Impaired O-Rings

O-rings are the most overlooked part of vape devices. But they are very crucial to maintain your device in good condition and avoid leakage. O-rings are typically rubber rings that are essential to ensure your system is properly sealed for functioning. They are necessary to complete the vape device’s assembly by securing the tank and the rest of the system.

But these rings go through regular wear and tear every time you unscrew the device and become brittle and dry with time. They also lose the ability to regain their original shape after a while. Using a very old O-ring could leave the system improperly sealed. If the ring is broken or not precisely fitting in the right place, it is prone to leakage in these areas.

Firm but pliable O-rings are important to ensure that they snap right in place to seal the device. Therefore, replacing the ring once every few months is crucial. Many devices come with a set of O-rings for replacement. You can also explore the market to identify the right fit for your device.

Problems With Tightening The Tank

A simple and effective way to stop e-liquid from leaking is to tighten your tank correctly. Removing the tank for refilling or cleaning is essential. But when you put it back together, it is crucial to make sure that the device is screwed in properly. The rubber rings need to seal the system correctly to avoid any leakage. You can double-check to ensure the position of the steel rings and eliminate the chances of gaps in the connection that could potentially cause a leak.

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But remember not to overtighten. It could damage the rings that seal the device and impair your device permanently. These damages could cause the e-liquid to come out of the cracks and gaps. Make sure to twist the tank so that it closes properly. But do not apply too much force, or it could break your setup. 

Issues With E-Liquid

Choosing the right e-liquid that is most appropriate to operate with your device is crucial to avoid leaks. The concentration of Vegetable Glycerin or VG is an essential parameter to keep in mind while purchasing e-liquids. The compound provides viscosity and density to the vape juice. E-liquids with a very low VG concentration compared to PG tend to have a runny consistency that could potentially induce a leakage.

Vape juices with less than 70% VG show higher leaking chances, primarily when used with high power devices. It could also cause damage to the coil and reduced vapor cloud density. Look for e-juices with a competent VG to PG ratio. Choose from offerings of good brands that promise high quality to avoid leakage and damage to your vape pens. 

Damaged Coil Head And Wick

Vape coils and wicks could also be responsible for leakage in your device. Most companies design coils that are appropriate for their product ranges. Incorrect coil replacements can increase the chances of leakage. Also, heavy usage tends to damage the coil, and not replacing the part in the time could also induce leakage in the device.

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The quality of the coil directly reflects in the taste of the vapor. If you feel a burning taste or the flavors of the e-juice seem off, it might be time to change the coils. Make sure to find suitable quality replacements to reduce the chances of frequent leakage problems.

Similarly, check the quality and placement of wick in your system. Sometimes using very thin material could lead to leakage in the device. The wick should cover the ports completely without stuffing them. It ensures that the vaping process happens smoothly, without any interruptions or leakage.


A leaky vape pen can be quite troublesome. You will waste so much e-liquid, and it also makes carrying and using the vape very difficult. Access your device for any of the above problems that could cause the leak. You can replace the damaged parts of the device in most cases to continue to enjoy a pleasurable vaping experience. Make sure to invest in high-quality vape devices to avoid cracks or damage that could induce leakage.