What Kind Of Exercise Can Help Reduce Menopause?

Menopause And Exercise

Lack of exercise can start to obesity and increase the risk and risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases. Moderate exercise is a necessary measure for maintaining good health. And exercise that improves illness and illness by exercise is also useful for menopause.

Exercise for menopause.

Exercise for menopause, it was stated that exercise that matches the nature of the illness and strives to improve symptoms has a sufficient effect as a medical practice. Exercise is also useful in reducing the symptoms of menopause. 

Effect on menopause

The effects of exercise on menopause vary. The main effects are the elimination of mental instability seen during menopause, the prevention of obesity, and the improvement of anorexia. Exercising can help relieve stress and relieve your mind. By moving your body, the energy stored as fat is consumed, which leads to the prevention of obesity and the improvement of appetite. In other words, by exercising appropriately, the effect of exercise that relieves the symptoms of menopause appears.

How to choose an exercise

There are 2 types of exercises: aerobic exercise, which aims to be performed for a long time such as jogging and swimming, and anaerobic exercise, which aims to exert full power in a short time, such as sprinting and weight training. Aerobic exercise is effective in consuming accumulated fat, and anaerobic exercise is effective in strengthening muscle strength and Vilitra 40 improving the sexual life and basal metabolic rate. In the case of exercise for menopause, aerobic exercise is the main activity. Menopause is more common in older women, so aerobic exercise, which has the property of adapting to bone and muscle weakness, is more effective. If you do anaerobic exercise, try to support it as a support for aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is important.

Today, it has become clear that proper exercise habits are also useful during menopause.

It has been reported that in women with menopausal disorders, exercise, walking, and underwater walking with a bicycle, "the index showing the severity of menopausal symptoms was clearly lower than before exercise".

The results show that aerobic exercise centered on walking and yoga were also effective overseas.

Exercise event and intensity

It is desirable that the sport of exercise is fun and easy to continue, so if you have been familiar with it since you were young, it is a good idea to continue it.

Ideally, you should do stretching and weight training in addition to aerobic exercise as your main exercise.

Aerobic exercise allows you to rhythmically contract muscles throughout your body while taking in enough oxygen, such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and dancing.

Maintaining and improving physical fitness.

Increased oxygen utilization

Promotion of fat metabolism

It also has a preventive effect on lifestyle-related diseases such as.

Effective exercise content

Exercise for menopause is organized on the premise that you do not overdo it. Especially during menopause, bones may be weakened due to osteoporosis, increasing the risk of stress fractures. Therefore, walking is recommended rather than jogging, which tends to put a load on your legs. Also, swimming, which is expected to improve cardiopulmonary capacity, is also a suitable exercise for menopause.

The age between the 40s and 50s, when the menopause is approaching, is also the time when old age is imminent. In old age, muscles and bones are severely weakened, and walking becomes difficult enough to stumble in an empty space. In particular, the psoas major muscle of the lower back is significantly weakened, which causes bending of the lower back and difficulty in walking. In other words, if you are exercising for menopause, you should also do muscle training for old age. 

As for the muscle training that should be done during menopause, it is recommended to train the muscles of the legs and hips such as squats. Applying an appropriate load to the legs and hips with aerobic exercises such as muscle training and walking effectively maintains bone strength and Vilitra 60 and Cenforce 150 can be to improve physical health.

Frequency and time of exercise

It is desirable to exercise 3 to 4 times a week, but if you are not exercising on a regular basis, do not overdo it, do it according to your physical condition, and gradually increase the number of exercises.

The important thing is to continue.

Exercise time depends on the intensity of your exercise, but if possible, you should do it for about 30-60 minutes a day and set a goal for a total of 140-160 minutes per week.

As a precaution when exercising, it is best to exercise about 2 hours after eating, and do not do it on an empty stomach in the early morning, immediately after eating, after bathing, or after drinking alcohol.