Rats Can Destroy Your House.

Rats can cause structural damage to your house through gnawing, defecation, and nest-building. Rats can enter your home from any unfilled holes, cracks, open doors. Rats squeeze them self while crossing any small place.

What Damage Rats Do to Your House:

Rats can destroy a lot of things in your house. They can damage metal, plastic pipes, joists, sometimes soft concrete. Rats can easily chew the plastic coating of electrical wires, causing a short circuit or a house fire.

Rats are chewers. They can chew all useful things in building their nest. Rats can make their nest anywhere in your house, just damaging your furniture, electric wirings, cupboards, etc. They also chew your clothes, whatever the fabric of your cloth is. They keep chewing because they keep testing their teeth, so the best way to get rid of them is to let Pest Control take care of them. We are a highly professional Pest Control Company in London, providing hassle-free services in your budget.

Which Diseases Rats Spread and How:

Rats carry many diseases, including Hantavirus and leptospirosis. Worldwide, Rats can spread over thirty-five diseases. These diseases can be extended to humans directly, through saliva, urine, scratches, and rodent bites.  

Rats travel here and there searching for food and water; they will leave urine trials and fecal dropping. When they land into any contaminated food in the place, Rats leave a particular scent there to help other rats come and find food. That contaminated food is harmful to humans to eat. Rats can eat all types of food.

How Far Rats Can Travel from Their Nest:

Rats can easily travel 100 to 300 feet per day in search of food. The closer the Garbage and other dirty places are to Rats nest, they’ll travel.

What Causes Rat to Come in Your House:

Rats enter houses for food, water, and shelter. Rats are warm-blooded, and they seek warm places to nest.

The odour attracts rats, and garbage or other waste material bins are the most common places for rats to visit.

How to Get Rid of Rats:

A trap is the most accessible source of getting rid of Rats. The catch is inexpensive to use. You can put traps wherever you think rats have their nest. Trap will catch the rat in it when the rat comes near to it. You can do this yourself or get help from Rat Pest Control London.

How to Keep Rats Away from Your House:

Here are a few steps to take so that you can get rid of rats. Either you these yourself or get professional help from Pest Control London.

1- Cover all the gaps, cracks, and holes:

Check all the open areas of your houses and observe the size of the holes. Fill them with acceptable material as rats can slip into small holes, cracks, and gaps. Look for leaks regularly.

2- Remove Their possible Habitat:

Do not shelter them to live. Remove heavy vegetation, appliances, and limbs from walls, because rats consider these a great hiding place.

3- Use Baits and Poison:

Put toxic baits and poison out of your house. Always read the directions written on the label. Make sure you put these Rat baits and toxins out of the range of kids and other home pets.

4- Don’t Feed Them:

Rats are resourceful. They always find things to eat. Cover all your garbage cans. Don’t keep any food material uncovered on slabs.

5- Put Traps Inside:

Traps are available in several types; they help to catch the rats inside your house. A trap is not dangerous for other pets and children.

6- Check Community Areas:

It might be possible; Rats are a neighbourhood issue. Maybe you are not the only one in the area dealing with rats.

7- Keep Yards of Your House Clean:

All the bushes and plants in the yard should be weed-free. If you have a tree with any vegetable or fruit on it, take it off before it falls. 


Rats travel place to place in search of shelter, food, and water. Wherever they get these three facilities, they take refuge there. Rats destroy almost all of the things in your house and harm you as well. Use traps to get rid of rats and use tablets to kill them.

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