There are a few features to keep in mind when planning to long term rentals in Marbella. You are designing to rent a property for a long term. How close should the property be to the beach, golf course? It would help if you had shops and restaurants close enough for you to walk there. What else do you need, besides? What's your budget?


There are hundreds of agencies offering short term rental services; you can find them online and make your choice. We recommend that you pay attention to those sites where you can see a large number of high-quality photos and see exactly where these apartments are located on the map (so you can be sure that you will book your accommodation in the right place). To find inexpensive deals, we recommend looking for sites with offers from the owners.

This is the most affordable way to rent a home, especially if you have a minimal budget. Pay attention to sites with a lot of reviews from people who lived there before you. This will help you not to make a rash choice. If you can afford to spend a little more, then contact an agency, and they will be able to offer you extra services like in first-class hotels, be its concierge service, meeting, food delivery or delivery. They will also be able to book yachts, exciting tours and much more for you.

However, you should beware of online fraudsters, in Spain, it is relatively easy to create an agency, and many companies operate seasonally. There is a reasonably large turnover in the real estate market. Trust companies that have been working for an extended period, carefully read the reviews of other users who have already adopted the services of these companies. 

We love this site because it provides a wealth of information about the home, and the owner's profile offers an opportunity to learn about his customer history. It is instrumental in knowing not only what you are renting, but also from whom. It's worth taking a look at and sees what they have to offer.



The most successful way to find a home in long-term rentals in Marbella. Usually, the longer you rent a house, the lower your monthly rent. Long term rentals in Marbella can cost anywhere from a few hundred euros per month for a small one-bedroom apartment, to several thousand euros per month for a small villa. Therefore, you should carefully look for housing and select it for your budget. 

If you see for a place to look for a long-term rental property, there are hundreds of different rental agencies in Marbella. In our experience, we turned to vary agencies until we found an agent who fully understood our needs and provided us with great. Here you can find a list of the long term rental agencies that we recommend. By renting a house here for an extended period, you can genuinely "plunge" into the Spanish lifestyle and understand for yourself if this place is suitable for your family.


There is an internet site that specializes in long term rentals in Marbella. They provide the opportunity to "rent a home before you buy" and you can try living in your dream home before you buy it. They can also help you if you wish to rent your own house for a long time.