How to Use Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

 Being a blonde is never an easy task. Sometimes, your doubled-up salon appointments make you regret the same. The extra care and maintenance are too much to take in. One easy way to ensure your desired look and hair radiance is the use of blonde shampoo and conditioner.

This guide will let you know everything about them, from their use to the products available for you. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner works based on colour wheel theory. They work on the principle of colour correction, which minimizes the imperfections that you have. This helps you in maintaining the current hue for a longer period.  Often termed as loreal silver shampoo and Conditioners, these products use a violet colour to minimize the imperfect yellowness of your hair.

1.      Who can use it?

Blonde Shampoos and Conditioners are meant especially for those who are way too passionate for their blonde locks. However, they can be used by anybody with blonde tones, be it natural or bottle blondes. A blonde shampoo uses up a violet colour to fix up the yellow imperfections or brassy shade in your hair. This process is called toning, where one colour (violet in this case) is used to restore the lost shade of your hair.

If you are worrying whether it would affect the rest of your hair or not? The answer is no, and it won’t. Natural blonde hair tends to fade quite less as compared to the bottle ones. However, that doesn’t mean purple products aren’t for you. You can make the most out of them too since they will advance your look even more by eliminating the yellow shade of your hair.

2.      Should I use it?

The market is full of both Blonde Shampoo and Conditioners, leaving blondes confused about which one they should go for. The answer is simple; you can utilize it as per your requirements. If your hair needs more of cleansing action of shampoo, then buy a blonde shampoo. Otherwise, for the nourishment of your hair from the roots, go for a conditioner.

3.      How to use a Blonde Shampoo or Conditioner?

Once you are done shopping for your purple products, you are all good to go. However, you need to know a thing or two about toning before you hit the shower.

A blonde shampoo is used just like your regular shampoo. Take a reasonable amount of your shampoo in your palm and apply it thoroughly to cleanse off the excess oils off the scalp. If you are using a conditioner, please ensure you shampoo your hair thoroughly first.

You can repeat the same in two to three days depending upon how nicely your imperfections have blended with your bottled or natural hair. In case, it’s not enough, try it every second day. Nonetheless, you need to be careful as excess use of a purple product will change your hair hue to purple instead of matching it. It can be a good or bad thing, depending on if you want a new and bold look or not.

When you are using your shampoo or conditioner, make sure you leave it for at least 2-10 minutes before you wash it off. This will ensure that the product tones your hair well. The time depends on how toned you want them to be and the type of product.

4.      Which one to Buy?

If you have not bought any purple shampoo or conditioner yet, be ready to add it soon. The product must be of high quality available at a reasonable price. This will not only reduce your salon visits but will also make you more confident in giving a desirable look on your own.

You can even choose brass-busters if you are willing to give your hair a silvery shade. For the same, you can use Loreal Silver Shampoo. For your Blonde locks, you can choose any from a variety of products like Paul Mitchell, NAK Blonde, or Noughty Blondie Locks, etc.


So, this was the guide to make you aware of the use of Blonde Shampoo and Conditioners, the principle they work on, whether you should use or not, and the purple products out there for you in the market. You must have completely understood the principle and role of colour balance in fixing your brassy imperfections. These imperfections can be a result of either low-quality bottles or damage by external products. You got to watch out the real reason behind the same too so that you can keep your blonde locks stable for a longer period. It’s not necessary to use both the shampoo and conditioner. It is subjective to the requirement of your scalp. So, read the article thoroughly, assess your situation, and then come up with an action plan. At the last, be patient and have good and healthy hair.